It Hurts…

It Hurts…

It hurts;
Especially When He’s at fault.
Still counting my whys and whats;
While weighing my tries and halt.

It’s hurts a lot more;
More than the day before.
With each minute I smile and lie,
Slowly masking the tears I cry.

There is a light in my right eye
Almost like a rainbow in the north.
Thunder strikes… Wish it’s mine.
The second, third and fourth.

My eyes have cried and dried.
If you look within you’d see
A bright fate, empty and wide
Masked earnestly by the person I be.

In his eyes he bore me right;
In their eyes I crept at night.
I hear he knows the best in me,
But still I hide the worst I be.

Ropes, knives and pills;
Sometimes I count in threes.
But still I reach the fourth count
While clamoring in my bout.

All the strife… It hurts.
And They don’t see
The depth of these cuts.
They think I’m just a perfect sin.

I wish to be white and light.
Not rainbows; A different light.
I wish to sail my seas,
Carve my niche, sew my seams.

But I guess wishes are Unicorns on the clouds,
Hardly do they ever touch grounds.
They leave men like us counting; even caving.
Of course it hurts a lot… But I’m still living.

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