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This may perhaps rank as the lamest hangout I’ve ever been to, I grumbled as I turned around and scanned the bar and then the faces of the two busybodies in front of me-It was typical of Quin to want to fix what was not obviously broken. It was one of the many things I loved and hated about her and then, there was poor poor Henry following her around like a he-goat. I really hoped they weren’t married now though, I thought restlessly as I picked up my glass cup and stared at them from hooded lashes.

I already knew- Odion had given me the gist- that they’ve been dating for over three years now but I took the liberty to make a bet with myself that the relationship wouldn’t last. Like really, what were odds? We all knew that Henry wasn’t over me otherwise I don’t see why he would have decided to date my best friend just right after our breakup. Yup he most definitely hasn’t.

“Of all the million women in the world Odion, he could have chosen to be with anyone else, so abeg forget that thing!” I laughed on the phone as Odion gave me the update.

“I don’t think so o. I think he really loves her Shee” Odion answered quietly. If I didn’t know any better, I would say Odion was still pining for Quin and that didn’t seem to make any sense to me. She broke up with him for heaven’s sake…perhaps to be with Henry for all we knew. Was he so dumb that he couldn’t see that? What was more baffling was that he kept insisting they’ve become great friends again. Yeah right! Friends ko! friends ni!

“He is looking for me in her I’m telling you” I insisted not in any way impressed by his information.

“Okay if you say so” he answered resigning to my obvious resolve.

“So she wants us to hang out right?” I asked in disbelief but then it was Quin we were talking about here… She would do anything to look like a saint especially now that she was with Henry. I shook my head.

“Yea at that rubbish bar in Maitama…ehemmm what’s the name again o….ehemm ehen Armageddon” Odion announced and I could almost imagine the irritation on his face. It made me want to laugh but then I scowled and exclaimed “Imagine!”

I was now glaring at Odion wondering why in Heaven’s name he was mute. We had an agreement for God’s sake and now, he was starting to irritate me. This was supposed to be us proving to these self-righteous people in front of us that we made it, that we survived without them, that we moved on. How else am I supposed to make that sink into his thick skull? I thought warily as I noticed he’d been moping at the empty wine bottle on the bar table since we arrived. I suddenly had the urge to use it on his head at least but then, Ijeoma broke into my thoughts.

“It’s so lovely to see you again Sharon” she said and it had to take the grace of God for me not to roll my eyes. Really Q? Can’t we all just stop pretending that there isn’t an elephant in the room?

“Likewise” I replied calmly. In as much as there was enough tension in the room to kill and perhaps roast a goat, I was kinda glad…tiny bit, pinky winky glad to see my best friend again…correction please, former best friend. It’d been a long time.

I had known Quin since Secondary School. We were the famous five and six holding down the school like we owned it. We were best friends till university days and then suddenly, we weren’t. There were no boy fights, no betrayal or backstabbing, no public humiliation or whatever…we just stopped being friends. You know those kinds of friendships where you think you knew someone, been friends with that person but suddenly you don’t anymore? Well yeah that kind. If anyone had told me then that we would become just mere acquaintances in the future, I would have scratched out that person’s eyeballs, are you kidding me? But here we are…looking at each other like strangers. I wanted to believe that the reason we couldn’t stay friends was because I left the country to continue my tertiary education and didn’t keep in touch for personal reasons and then, there was also the fact that I ended things with Henry. Quin had gone ballistic when I told her. I couldn’t understand her rage then like what was her own sef? Was he not my boyfriend to do as I please? But then I guess I do now. She had always had a soft spot for Henry even when she was with Odion. She rarely spoke with him but there was always this look of admiration in her eyes whenever he was around and when she did get a chance to speak with him, she would do so with an awkward respect. It had seemed ridiculous at the time because well, he wasn’t her type but I guess that doesn’t seem to matter now… obviously!

“So you guys are like married now?” I asked holding my breath. I allowed a small smile play pass my lips just in case they could hear my heart throbbing. God please let it not be true o!

“Oh no no!. Not yet” Quin answered laughing and I could literally hear; in fact I could bet that they could all hear me a heave a sigh of relief but then, Henry added that they would be getting married soon and I couldn’t stop my face from forming a giant scowl. This cannot be happening. There were so many thoughts going through my mind at that moment and I just knew I couldn’t let them have the last laugh. There was no way in hell I’m letting them win…no no no! So when Henry asked Odion if we were going to be getting married soon, I knew almost instantly that lying was the best way out…

“We will be getting married in a few months, October to be precise” I lied, glancing briefly at Odion to make sure we were both on the same page. His face had scowled in confusion but he soon realized what I was doing and so, he nodded in affirmation. He is so a low beat, I asserted sadly. No wonder, Q broke up with him.

“That’s like in four months’ time. Congratulations” Henry responded politely which came almost like a shock to me. When Quin added her own pleasantries, I knew this was going to be harder than I thought. I shifted uncomfortably, deciding it was high time I shut my mouth.

“So how did you guys meet?” Quin asked after several long minutes passed and I froze. It was as if we were taking turns to prep for a beat down. Chai! I thought trying to analyze the question so I could proffer an appropriate answer. I knew answering that question would further increase the tension in the room so I didn’t even know when I started shuttering, totally unsure of what to say, more precisely, how to begin. How do I tell my ex and former best friend that Odion and I lied and faked a love story? How do I tell them we are not exactly a couple without looking like losers? I have to think of another lie, a story, anything? But then Odion just had to speak…..and then I knew almost immediately that a nuclear war was about to begin.



Written by Quincy Iwediokpulu   23rd February 2015     11:54am



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  1. Na real Exes’ hangout, I imagine bubbles will start bursting soon.
    Nice one……

    1. thanks dear…#coversface just noticed a slight error….

      “Ijeoma” instead of Quin…. damn!…

      thanks for reading all the same….

  2. Rhoiy (@Roy-journals)

    Lol! It’s all been a Charade! Great! Can’t wait to see how this unfolds.

    1. me too…thanks for reading…more to come

  3. The drama of the Exes. Good job.

    1. thanks sir… i hope you’ve seen the next episode

  4. Ok! Now I see clearly lol. I was beginning to wonder how this would play out and who wants what lol. One correction from me: it’s teensy weensy glad not pinky winky

    1. thanks dear for the corrections. I hope you are enjoying the story….

  5. I like this outing o, Sharon you left him so stop pinning.

    1. lolx…don’t mind her…

  6. Ex’es war

    1. yes o!….thanks alot for reading….the final episode…coming soon

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