THE EXES Part 1/5


It was a wretched bar at Maitama, the one popularly known as Armageddon (a perfect name for a perfect-slash- unfortunate situation). I was starting to wish I had chosen a different bar with a different name at least, because we were all stealing glances at each other like guilty criminals waiting to cast out blames; but for what? i couldn’t help but wonder.

There were these silent perspirations, quick gasps and slow breaths as we sat round a damned rectangular-shaped table filled with empty wine bottles and dirty glass cups and I was of course ignoring the fact that the loud music blasting unctuously at the far end of the sparsely filled bar was not doing any good at drowning out our uneasy thoughts and frustrations.

My boyfriend who among us hadn’t been most keen to meet his ex-best friend and ex-girlfriend seemed to be the only one great at masking his uneasiness. My boo’s face stood stolid like a rock, giving absolutely nothing away but I knew deep down in there, he was probably screaming “Q, why did you do this to me?!!!!!!!!” and I wanted to laugh, laugh so loudly that my voice could be heard two streets away from the bar but instead, I decided to at least break the tension, after all, I was the mastermind of the outrageous gathering.

“It’s so lovely to see you again Sharon” I spoke, my voice high pitched so that I could be heard over the unctuous music volume.

“Likewise” Sharon answered after arching her ears to hear me. She had grown quite tall since the last time I saw her…which was like what, seven years ago?

“So you guys are like married now?” She asked after two minutes past, a questionable look in her eyes and a half smile on her lips..hehehe the smile has even refused to get from one side of her mouth to the other. oh you sly Bitch!

“Oh no no!. not yet” I answered laughing, one eye on her and the other on my boyfriend, who was busy nodding in affirmation and surprisingly so….


“Soon though” He added judiciously and my gaze lingered and I was like huh? That was unexpected.

You see, I was actually surprised because my mother used to say that when a man admits publicly about his intentions to marry you, it is either he is very serious about it or under some uncomplimentary duress…”If the former…beam with pride my darling” she said “but if the latter….flee for the mountains!” So which one I dey? I asked myself looking from him to Sharon.

“And you guys?” Le boo asked, taking a quick peek at Odion who seems to have been staring at his empty bottle for the past hour. His head had suddenly jerked up in surprise as if waking from some deep slumber.

“Ehemmm…” he muttered shifting uncomfortably in his chair but Sharon quickly chipped in that their wedding was in four months’ time and we all nodded and then Le boo and I said our congratulations. But shortly after that, the silence continued.

Na wa o! I scowled, determined for this meeting to have a head way….  Can’t we all get along, please?! I thought warily as I jerked my boyfriend by the side, who mouthed to me to leave him alone…yea of course! Make I hear…To me, this was supposed to be a golden opportunity for him to prove to me that he was no longer in love with my former best friend –Sharon- I mean common! she was his first love for crying out loud– and there was Odion, Le boo needs his friendship too, even though he doesn’t want to admit it.

“I don’t get why you have to be friends with him” Le boo lamented when I first brought up the idea.

“And I don’t get why we can’t” I answered briskly. Actually, it didn’t seem quite a difficult task  so what’s the big deal?

“No one has to be friends with their exes…I don’t see any reason to, but you are with Odion and I don’t know if I like it or not” he continued in his unusual worried voice.

“And do you know why I am?” I asked him as an idea stroke me.

“Why? tell me” he asked staring down at me with those big eyes.

“Because I do not have any feelings for him, whatsoever…no anger. no hurt…no regrets…To me what we had, happened, shit, yet life goes on” I answered feeling pleased with myself as if I just won a ruthless battle….when the battle wasn’t even half won.

He frowned “So you are suggesting, what? That the reason I cannot be friends with Sharon is because I still have feelings for her?” He asked staring unbelievably at me as if I was suggesting that mosquitoes do not really suck blood.

“Yup” I answered resigning to the obvious.

“That’s preposterous!” he exclaimed laughing between gnawed teeth.

“Not really” I answered all serious now… “She was your first love and she did break your heart” I insisted.

“A heart that has long been mended. I’ve told you Q, I don’t hate her at all… I just don’t see any reason to remain friends with her” He insisted the look of frustration in his eyes.

“Then what about Odion? What’s your beef with him?” I asked ignoring the jealous thought that always cross my mind whenever he talked about her. I wanted peace but i really didn’t seem to know how to shake off that feeling like maybe…just maybe he still had a thing for her.

“Odion?” he asked suggestively “I don’t have a problem with the dude…He is the one that has a problem with me”

“And you want to tell me you don’t know why?” I asked my brow arched dubiously.

“Of course I do. But what can I say?” he grinned broadly pulling me into his arms “He has Sharon and I have you…No one expected life to go this way. Bae, e ris not my fault” he teased.

And all I could do was roll my eyes….

“However if your theory is right” he said breaking into my thoughts “…then perhaps Odion still has feelings for you” he said laughing now and before I could try and protest like WHAT?!…he hushed me up with a kiss.

“So how did you guys meet?” I asked returning from memory lane and deciding what da heck! Let’s get this over with.

“Ehemm…” Sharon stammered and this time, it was Odion’s turn to rescue her… hmm, this is starting to look like a rehearsed scene o! I lamented within as I watched Odion narrate how he met Sharon after things ended with her and my boo and how he fell right in love with her and blah blah blah…story I have heard like one million times before but the only person who seemed flabbergasted by the story telling was my boo. His mouth had stood ajar in dismay and when he finally spoke ….i knew I had started a nuclear war…


To be continued…..



Written by Quincy Iwediokpulu   23rd February 2015     11:54am


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  1. Horlhart (@Olarinoye54)

    Meeting of Exes in the Armageddon??
    What were you expecting??
    its all building up and I cant wait! next pls!

    1. lolx….im glad u are enjoying it…

  2. Rekiya Adeshina (@Raykeeyah)

    This is going to be interesting .

  3. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    Q is playing with fire and better not cry if she gets burned. This thier meeting is pointless and she may soon regret it lol

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