We Have Come Home

We have come home

back from oyibo man’s land

far from fair, caucasians and blondes.

from wheats ,oats and barleys.

To embrace our coastalines

of moonlight heritage and dance.

Great cheers awaits us!

Mothers earthen pot excites our bellies.

The love of ryhmes and soul fused together.

Naked children clapping

leaves excited and flapping.

We have come home!

At the buzz of arrival,

the coastalines are empty.

The harbor seem dirty,

No trees clapping

Nor children flapping

to see another brother with a strange culture.

We are home!

The earthen pots all gone,

the deed is done… .

One thought on “We Have Come Home” by tuee (@tuee)

  1. Ă‘ice piece man @tuee our culture is really going extinct.

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