Cold It Was…

Cold it was as the tide of death
Like frozen ice was my heart
Deep is the abyss of hurt I feel
Reaching from the deepest dungeon
To the highest peak it rises
I am not willing to give in
Neither does it seem you are.
We are both bruising,
Hurting but won’t succumb
My pride won’t let us be,
Your ego won’t make you bend.

You are lying so close to me
Yet you seem thousands of miles away.
Lately we have being strangers,
Cos you don’t touch me
And I don’t touch you.
We hardly ever say a word to each other,
And if we eventually do,
they are all full of arguments.
I am pissed and tired,
The rose we nurtured have grown thorns
Misery has taken over instead of love.

This silence is slowly killing me.
This rift is tearing my heart apart.
I am losing my mind living in this pain.
Darkness has shielded our light,
And left me living in its shadows.
I miss those soothing hugs,
curling up in your arms at night,
our passionate love-making
but mostly, the tender kisses we shared.
I am bleeding to be loved again
cos this malice is draining all of me.

I don’t need this pain, neither do you
And if I forgive, what have I to lose?
You hurt me deeply,
But not being with you hurts the most
I don’t care what people may say
I have to heed to my feelings and not my thinking
I love you more than words can describe
I have got to let my guards down
I have to make this hurricane, a hurdle
I have to compromise my pride for peace
And let sleeping dogs lie.

I turned and looked into your eyes,
with forgiveness written all over mine
“I miss you. I miss what we had.
I forgive you; can we put this behind us?”
A smile from you said it all
“I love you and I am sorry.”
Like plough lifted off an ox’s back,
Like a captured bird set free,
The ice in my heart melted,
And your embrace gave me warmth
My heart found something new, it’s PEACE.

1 Corinthians 13 vs 4 “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.(NIV)”

4 thoughts on “Cold It Was…” by olamiotan (@olamiotan)

  1. Nice one. I have a similar piece but I wasnt as descriptive as this good work

    1. Thank you @ivie9ja. I appreciate the love.

    1. Thank you @Sultan. I am glad you love it.

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