The Aisle of the Cursed – Part 3

Deliya: I can never get true happiness from compelling someone to love me! Mark will return. He’s only being distracted. So why are you here, Rebecca? Tell me the truth.

Emely: For family reunion! Now I know I’d be a grandmother soon!

Deliya: If Mark should learn of your past, he’d hate you till the last drop of his blood! You greedy witch!

Emely: Good gracious! It’s also worthy of note that I am not as monsterous as you are! Even the child you carry in your womb is a monster! Mark would hate you forever if he found out!

Deliya: (In spurring rage, Deliya voices out a spell and Emely is thrown off the window. Emely steps up after experiencing gross pains. She had obviously gone weak. Her powers were already fading. ) I will kill you, Rebecca! I am the greatest witch of my kind! My mother was but now that she’s dead, I now am!

Emely: (to herself) No wonder the ritual proved abortive! If I had killed her daughter, I would have inherited all her powers and saved myself the pain of begging for Gora’s body!

Deliya: Good riddance! The next time you shall step your feet into my house, you shall meet your death. (Emely zooms off in fear. Deliya breathes heavily as she stares at the broken window. The window signified a broken gate in her heart. It seemed like the beast inside of her has been broken loose and set free. She could feel the beast breathing again inside of her…”It’s either I kill the beast or it kills me.” She thought. And when she turned her brown eyes to the burning candle in the room, she discovers that it had already burned out, leaving the room hovered in the nakedness of the moonlight…And she sighed again as she thought about the dead Martha’s letter…” Martha can never write a letter from the world of the dead. Someone must have written it. Someone who is well acquainted of my past. Someone who keeps on watching me”. Then a strange air steals into the room and grips her skin. “…Indeed, the beast is here again.” She said as she sighed and inhaled deeply.




Time: 3: 09pm



Mark: Deliya? Is anyone home? Deliya?

Deliya: Mark? You’re back!

Mark: (hugs her) I have missed you so much. I am really sorry. I am sorry for all the pains I have caused you. I promise never to leave you again. Sophia was never my love. You are the woman that I love. I never knew what love was till I met you. And I want you to spend the rest of your life with me.

Deliya: Mark, I loved you with all my heart. I submitted myself to you .I pleased you at all times. Yet you cheated on me. You left me for another woman. You abandoned me and your unborn child for three months! (Cries) I love you Mark…I really do…You made me complete again…You tore apart my loneliness and you filled my life with the sweet aroma of love and romance!

Mark: Please forgive me, Deliya. I really want you in my life. I know how hard it was for you to love me. You had hated all men because of your father. But I am different. (He kneels on one knee and brings out a ring from his pocket) Will you marry me?

Deliya: Hmmm… I will marry you Mark! I will! I love you so much…( Mark kisses her and places the ring on her finger. He caresses her bulging stomach and smiles)

Mark: I love you more…I love you more than anything in the world. You are so beautiful. I am certain that my son is going to be handsome! For I am also handsome…And my wife is the most beautiful girl that I have even seen!…(He pauses) What happened to that window?

Deliya: Oh, there was a strange wind last night. But not to worry, I will have it fixed before the morrow. I have sent for the carpenter already!

Mark: My faith! Very impressive! By the way,you look gorgeous in this dark gown…Hmmm…

Deliya: It’s my mother’s dress. It was the gown she was supposed to amend on the night she died. It was the gown she’d intended to wear to the ball.

Mark: My faith! It really looks beautiful. I’m sure your mother would be proud of you now.

Deliya: I only made a few adjustments. And today makes it the ninth year after my mother’s death.

Mark: My faith! She died on a day like this? Oh I’m so sorry dear.

Deliya: Thanks…It’s exactly today.

Mark: Oh…My faith, dear. I have to leave now…Buh I’ll be back. I am coming before dusk to take you to my house. Tonight, your bed shall lie empty! For I’m taking you home to my house today! And you shall live with me as my wife! My mother has finally given her consent. I met her today! She has changed and she approves of our marriage now!

Deliya: Mark, your mother agreed? But she was here yesterday…She insulted me and my child.

Mark: That’s over now. She pleaded with me this morning to apologize to you on her behalf. She has indeed repented of her actions! But not to worry, I have much more to tell you when I return. (Mark kisses her again and exits. Deliya jumps in excitement)

Deliya: ( to herself) Finally, fate has turned on my side again. I am going to have a family! I am going to have a husband and a child. Perhaps, the beast in me would cease to live the moment I become a wife and a mother. Perhaps, the memories of my past would cease. Perhaps, Mark is my rightful husband. But what if he kills me like my father killed my mother? No! No! My father was a monster! All men are different. Mark is different…Hmmm…Martha is going to be proud of me. I have finally found happiness. I know we weren’t in good terms before you died Martha, but I know you have a kind heart, you’d always forgive me. Whoo-hoo! I am going to be a mother soon! I am going to be a great mother to my child, just like my mother was to me. And I promise my child a great family…A loving father and a caring mother!

(An hour later, Emely stealthily enters the cottage from the broken window)



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