Tamara And Chloe Part 3

Tamara And Chloe Part 3

I opened my eyes and sat up, I realized I was in the hospital. Then a nurse walked in “how do you feel, miss James” “am fine” I answered, “what happened”. The nurse answered, “you fainted. It seems you were thinking a lot and that increased your high blood pressure”. I nodded, “where’s Chloe?” “she’s with your neighbor who brought you in, your daughter has been crying since they brought you in, it actually took a lot of effort to calm her down” “ She’s not my daughter” I said. The nurse was actually shocked but she composed herself, “You must be her aunt then”, “Something like that” I anwsered. I’m not in the mood to explain things right now. I knew she would be scared. The nurse left the room few minutes later after she gave me some injections, and then I slept off. I woke up to find Mrs Akpan, my neighbor beside me and Chloe was sitting down on her lap. Immediately she saw me, she came toward the bed and looked at my face. I held out my hand and she took it immediately.” Are you going to leave me like mummy? “ No baby, I won’t leave you” “Promise ‘she asked’. Promise”, I answered. She hug me and I kissed her forehead. I looked at Mrs Akpan. “Thank you so much for bringing me here and for taking care of her” “Thank God my dear, you scared us all especially this little girl, her scream was so loud that everybody in the area rushed in to your room. Hope you are getting better?” I smiled at her and shook my head, I really need to be strong for Chloe. “Mrs Akpan, Can you please get the doctor for me, I think its time for me to go home”.

Mrs Akpan drove Aunt Tamara and I back home from the hospital. I was so scared, I thought Aunt Tamara will die like my mum. I now understand the fact that my mummy is never coming back. The next day Aunt Tamara woke me up “Baby, Am sorry for scaring you yesterday, I promise it won’t happen again” and she hug me. “I don’t want to go to school today”, “Why Chloe”. “I want to stay with you”. “ Baby, you have to go to school and more so, I won’t be home, because am going Job hunting”. I started crying “ Don’t cry dear, Everything will be alright, ok, now wipe your tears”. She wiped my eyes with the back of her hands “Aunt Tamara, Is it okay if I call you mummy”. She kept quiet and she looked at me long and hard, At last she said “ You can call me anything you want dear, Now, go and take your bath”.

I have being walking since morning after I dropped Chloe off at school, looking for job, It is not easy to get job in this country, even where they put vacancy, they end up telling me they don’t need more staffs,even with the fact that i had a first class. I thought about what Chloe said in the morning “why did she want to call me mummy. I said to myself. I don’t understand that little girl most times. She is so matured. I was still thinking about her when I saw a vacancy. Cleaner needed, Apply within. I looked up at the building. It was fairly big. Shelling holdings was written on top of the building. I approached the gate and I saw the gate man. “Good afternoon, Oga”. ‘Good afternoon madam, wetin you wan do for here” the man answered. “ Abeg oga, I read am for outside sey dem need cleaner here”, “Yes oh. Na true dey need cleaner for here, but you no fit do am, your face too fine” “Oga, I fit do am o, I no mind, I need am urgently” “ok madam, if you say so, enter inside, ask for aunty Titi, na she be the oga of all the cleaners” “Oga, Thank you very much”. I entered the building and I asked for the woman from the receptionist. She directed me to the woman,The woman is so short and ugly, I just couldn’t believe this woman will be my boss. “Good afternoon ma” “Good afternoon, what can I do for you”, “ I’m here to apply for the post of the cleaner”. She looked at me from my head to my feet, I knew she was scrutinizing me. “You cannot work here, you be alakowe, abi you don’t know the meaning of cleaner ni”. “haaaa, madam, I can do it, am a hard worker”. She looked at me again “ Are you sure, she looked confused. “ Am very sure, ma, pls help me, I won’t disappoint you”. She calmed down when she heard the desperation in my voice “ok o, if you say so, when can you start” ‘Madam, I can start anytime, I can even start right now” “ She chuckled “ rara (no), today has gone, you can start tomorrow and when you come, we can talk about your salary”. I was so happy, at least I got a Job no matter how small it is “Thank you very much ma, I appreciate”. She waved her hand as if to dismiss me. I quickly ran out of the building and I checked my time. It was six o clock already and Chloe school close by one o clock. I had forgotten to pick her up.

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  1. “Increased your high blood pressure”
    Increase should be enough.
    Proper spacing also needed.
    All in all proper editing will make it more interesting.

    1. @ameenaedrees ,Alright, i will work more on my editing, Thank you for reading. I would also love it if you could go through my other contributions. Thank you.

  2. Good story, following.

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