Pentagon Of Sisters E3

The whole family sat down on the dining table, The table was set with different kinds of food, Its like their was a feast going on at the Benson house. All this was for the arrival of Mariah, who was sitted at the right hand of her father. She had a red hair, heavy make up and a lovely black gown. Her other sisters were also seated on the table. Their maid was serving the food on the plate when Mariah spoke “This is nice, I cant remember the last time I ate African dishes”. “Oh dear, you must have missed it” said her mum. “Not really, mum, I actually don’t eat that much, am watching my weight”. Crystal coughed “ I can see the reason why you are as thin as stick”. Mariah looked her at her sister “are you jealous that am prettier than you”, “Jealous, are you kidding me, what is there to be jealous about”. “Girls calm down” their dad interrupt “Let’s eat in peace”. The two sisters looked at each other, dislike is written on both their faces.

Crystal disliked Mariah the moment she saw her come down from the car, she tried to hug her but Mariah stylishly refused and she didn’t hug the others also, She has being behaving as if she just came from heaven. The family was still eating when their mother spoke “ Mariah dear, I want you to go and have some rest so you can prepare for you welcome party”. “okay mum, I still think the party is unnesseccary” “ it is my dear, very necessary. “ Mum wants to show you off to all her friends” Lisa said. Mariah shrugged “I think I have enough food already so am gonna go upstairs and relax, as you said. Excuse me”. Then she stood up and went upstairs. Immediately she left, their father also stood up and went upstairs.

“ Mum, Mariah is crazy”, “ What is the meaning of that, How can you say that about your sister, crystal”, “ can’t you see how she has being behaving since she arrived” Crystal said. “ She’s right mum” Steph said “ she has being treating us like total strangers””. “ What is the meaning of all this” Grace stood up “ Nothing is wrong with my her, you all has being behaving as if you are not happy to see her, You girls should shut up, okay, am going inside now and I want you all to go and prepare for the party, the guest will be here soon”. Grace left the table angrily. Rose who has being quiet throughout the meal spoke up “ I don’t blame mum for reacting that way, she is just protecting her first child”.Junior laughed “Girls have issues, am outta here”. “ Mariah hasn’t seen us for over fifteen years and she couldn’t gave us a hug, who does that” “ Crystal, I think she prefers she doesn’t want to have anything to do with us” steph said. “I think we just misunderstood her” Lisa chimed in “lets just give her time to settle down and am sure she would change”. Steph chuckled “ I don’t care if she change or not as long as I don’t have any business with her”. “Me too, I just pray she doesn’t look for my trouble” Crystal stood up and left. Lisa sighed “ I guess we should just wait and see”.

The guests arrived early at The Bensons, Grace was dressed in a cream and blue lace and Sola too was wearing the same attire. Mariah was dressed in a beige skirt and a black crop top, her make up was moderate and she had a tiny silver chain with matching ear rings. Her other sistesr were on their best and Junior was looking neat with his Arsenal jersey and a jean with a nice sneaker.

A fair looking girl entered, She was dressed in a mini flowered-printed dress. She was obviously searching for some one, immediately she spotted Mariah, She screamed and rushed towards her, The two of them hugged each other “Its being ages, Mariah darling, you just left and it was like you don’t want to come back”, “ Chioma dear, if I had my way I would not have come back, but I need to work in my dads company”, “ Any way its so nice to see you”, “ Same here dear, Have some champagne”. She picked a cup from the waiter and gave it to Chioma.

Crystal and Stephanie were watching them from a corner of the room “ Who is that girl” Stephanie asked, “ That’s Chioma Nwachukwu, The two of them has being tight as thieves when Mariah was still in Nigeria”, “ I see, Did you see the way they are talking, obviously she has being in contact with her, she even gave her a hug” Steph said angrily “She’s crazy, I know that for sure and am going to deal with her”. Stephanie wanted to ask what Crystal meant, when their mother approached them “ Steph dear, I want you to sing a song for our guest”, “No mum, I don’t want to sing for anybody” “Don’t be silly dear” She said pushing her towards the keyboard in the middle of the room. “ Everybody, please gather around, My beautiful daughter want to entertain us all and I believe we all will enjoy it”. Stephanie had no choice, she sat down and she started singing “Clown by Emeli Sande”. During her performance, Rose and Lisa joined and singing, while others watched and appreciate them. When the song was over, All the guest gave them a sounding applause.

Stephanie stood up from the seat, when a Tall, Handsome guy approached her, “ Hi, How are you”. She smiled at him “ Im good, thank you”. “ That was really nice, you really have a great voice”, “Thank you” She replied “ I’m Tunde Balogun, I work with your father” “Oh, Nice to meet you, I’m Stephanie”. The two exchanged handshake and Stephanie felt a shiver run through her. Her father approached them holding Mariah. “ I see you’ve met our Beyonce” He said, Tunde smiled and greeted him “ Good evening sir”, “ Good evening Tunde, I’m actually here to introduce my Mariah to you”, He turned towards Mariah “This is Tunde, he is the Managing Director of Benson Group of companies, you will be working directly under him for now”, Mariah smiled “ It’s a pleasure” As she looked into Tundes eyes, she knew he is all she ever wanted and she is going to have him , Boss or no Boss. “ Im going to leave you two now, so I think you should get familiar with each other and enjoy the party”. Tunde was the first to speak ‘ it’s so nice meeting you and i’m actually looking forward to working with you”, “Same here, I heard you are very hardworking, that’s one of the reason why daddy likes you” she winked at him. Stephanie was still standing there awkwardly, She said “excuse me” and she was about to go when Tunde held her hand “Don’t go yet, we still have a lot to talk about” He turned to Mariah “ See you on Monday” and with that statement they left, Mariah stood there glaring angrily at Stephanie thinking of the next cause of action.

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  1. This is unfolding quite nicely…I’m still following.

  2. I couldn’t just overlook how much this was riddled with Errors….right from the first line.
    You could work on that, right?!

  3. An otherwise nice story that is bogged with such a mountain of errors. It is evident you didn’t bothered checking for mistakes before rushing to publish.

  4. There are several errors, find a fellow writer on NS who could possibly make out time to help with this. It seems you dont have a grasp of certain terms because the errors are very similar to the ones you had in other parts. But I must say you are very good making your story unfold. Keep writing you’ll get it soon

  5. I won’t talk about errors, I can see a little effort, just keep writing.
    Ah ah, good for mariah. I hate snubs.

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