A Miracle for Daddy

Dear friends, I’m so excited to announce to you that my new book, A Miracle for Daddy is finally out! To show my deep appreciation for your supports and words of encouragement during the incubation stage, I will be giving out ten (10) pdf copies in exchange for honest, immediate, helpful and sincere feedback. Please indicate your interest by including your email address. You can also contact me on https://www.facebook.com/SunnyJackObande, https://twitter.com/Obande_SunnyJ or @ Accomplish Press. The journey all started from here, Naijastories.com.

God bless you all,

Obande Sunny Jack (aka ‘Leekwid’ on Naijastories.com)


9 thoughts on “A Miracle for Daddy” by Leekwid (@myself)

  1. Kindly send me a copy quickly at innoalifa@yahoo.fr for my appraisal.


  2. Hi @myself. Congratulations on your new book. Joining the queue for a copy. Should I send you a private message with my details.

  3. This is a very great thing… I especially love the words, “…The journey all started from here, Naijastories.com” I guess that makes two of us, because I am working on the publication of my first book too, and the journey started from Naija Stories too.
    The title is also similar, mine is; “TH UJUZI…A Collection of Contemporary African Short Stories and Poems”, Focuses mostly on the youths tho.
    Well done bro, You’d never stop!
    You’ll never weary!
    You’ll always get better!!!

    Pls where can I get to buy a copy?

  4. I’d like a copy as well I will private message you my email. I usually make out time to read during my commute so I can read it quickly and thoroughly and would love to give you feedback

  5. @innoalifa, pardon my not responding earlier to your request to send you a copy of the book, A Miracle for Daddy for your review. Blame it on a tight official schedule. But please check your inbox, as I am sending you the pdf copy already. Thanks in advance and accept my best regards.

  6. @levuz, thanks and best wishes from me on the anticipated publication of your book. We are all in these together, joined by creativity and propelled by the power of the written words.

  7. @olajumoke. Thank you so very much. I am indeed proud to belong to the Naijastories family.

  8. @folakemiemem-akpan please send me your email so I can forward a copy for your kind appraisal. Thank you and best wishes from me.

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