Heart Of Betrayal – Episode 2

Kemi stared at Dele with disbelief, she turned to face Bukky, taking a step forward. “Tell me this not true.” Her voice stammered.

Bukky turned her face away, with her arms crossed over her chest, she let out a deep breath. She hadn’t for once think what would happen if Kemi finds out about her secret affair with Dele. She stared at Kemi silently and pulled in a deep breath.

Dele pulled himself up gently from the chair. “It wasn’t what you think. Kemi.” He said, taking a step forward.

“Don’t..touch me.” Kemi thrust out her hand to ward him off,¬† her voice rang like a crack of doom.

Dele smiled, shaking his head slowly. “I am sorry for all i did to you.” He said. “My heart had been so troubled, for hurting your feelings.” He continued, choosing¬† his words carefully. “I need your forgiveness Kemi. That’s why i came here, to see to your friend.” He stared at Bukky, who narrowed her eyes with disbelief. “Only Bukky can help me beg you.”

Kemi stared at Dele in total confusion, she turned to face Bukky, who returned her stare with a frown, hissing. Kemi turned slowly back to Dele, still unsettled to trust herself to speak. Kemi. She stared at Dele handsome face, and resisted the temptation to argue. Finally, she let out a deep breath, and walked toward Bukky. “I..am sorry.” Kemi said.

“I don’t blame you.” Bukky said, walking out of her, heading for her bedroom.

“Bukky, i’m sorry.” Kemi said. “Bu..kky.” She let out a long hard breath, and met Dele’s gaze.

Dele smiled, staring at Kemi straight in the eyes. He knows the journalist could take another thing he might do to her, but Kemi will never forgive him, for sleeping with her friend. Dele had no choice, he wasn’t happy with what he said, but it was the only way to free his ass from the press. Dele had a name to protect, he had a high public profile, a celebrity and a role model.


Kemi blinked her eyes open to a bright light, She stared around and realized she was in the hospital, laying on the bed, covered with a white sheet. Her space was walled off by hanging curtains pattened in pale blue. She turned her head slowly toward the wall, decorated  with mounted boxes of gloves and oxygen hoses. how did i get here? she thought. what happened to me?

A young doctor with D.Mike on his tag stepped into her space, he stared at her in surprise. “Oh-good God.” The doctor said and smiled sweetly. “Welcome back to life.”

Kemi stared at the doctor thoughtfully. Welcome back to life? she thought. “What happened to me?” She asked, staring at the doctor.

The doctor pulls a sphymomanometer from the wall, feeling happy. “I’m happy you’re back.” The doctor said. “It has been long since you’ve been brought here.”

“Long?” Kemi asked, offering her hand to the blood presure cuff. “Since when.”

“It been over a month.” Doctor Mike said, pumping. “I almost give up on you.” He said, smiling.

“What happened to me?” Kemi sounded breathless.

“You got knocked down by a car, when you were crossing the road,” Dr Mike said.

Kemi stared at the doctor silently, she tried to think, turned her face slowly toward the wall, and back to the doctor. “Who brought me here?”

“A good samaritan,”

“Did anybody came here to look for me?”

Dr mike turned his gaze toward a young nurse who just stepped into Kemi’s space, and back to kemi “We’ve not seen anybody.” Dr mike made a note and turned to face the nurse. “Take her to the bathroom, let her take a shower.”

The nurse nodded her head in reply.


Dele checked his time as he slid the watch around his wrist and fastened it. He stared at her, who was still in bed, the sheets modestly tucked under her arms but outlining every long, lean inch of her.

“I’m late. I have to go.” Dele murmured.

“When are you coming back?” Bukky voice held no emotion.

“Maybe tomorrow.” He didn’t bother looking at her as he smoothed his shirttails flat.

“Tomorrow? are you not coming tonight?” Bukky asked.

Dele stared at her again and flashed her a smile. “Can’t say.”

Bukky shifted from her side to her back and leaned against the pillows. sliding her hair away from her face. “I want you here tonight.” She tossed the sheet from her and swung her legs over the side of the bed. in smooth motion that Dele finds elegant and erotic. Still sitting on the bed, Bukky bent from the waist to pick up her dress from the floor and slipped it on, then smoothed her hair together.

She walked toward him, she stopped and leaned one sleek shoulder against the closed bedroom door. “Are you coming tonight?”She asked again.

Dele stared at her for a moment. “I want to fuck you again. Rigth now”

“Charming sentiment.” Bukky said. ” Thank you, Dele. unfortunately i have plans for this morning and i have to be somewhere in half an hour. Are you going to answer my question?”

Dele took a step toward her and slid a finger down her bare arm. “No. tomorrow.”

Bukky glanced away, she waited one or two breath and met his eyes. “Who are you meeting tonight?”

Dele reaction was to laugh. silly girl, stepping back from her, he finished bucking his belt and reached for his suit. “I have a show tonight.” He cupped one of her breast in his hand and brought his face close to hers. He brought his mouth onto hers, pressing her back to the door, grinding his hips into hers as his free hand grab her tight, naked ass. “I still feel like fucking you.”

To be continued…..









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  1. wow! I feel for Kemi o! I still don’t understand how she had an accident, was it when she left Bukky’s hood?

    1. @Shovey We will know how Kemi had an accident in the next episode, though it wasn’t when she left Bukky’s hood.

      1. Thanks for reading.

  2. This episode has more errors than the last, It would probably help if you had a friend or something look over your work before posting. In order to correct your tense and grammar errors. But as I have said before I enjoy your story lines alot.

  3. @Ivie9ja Thanks Ivie.

    I saw the errors after story was posted, and i have corrected it.

    Thanks for being there.

    Much appreciated.


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