Heads You Lose; Hearts You Win. (Part 2).

Heads vs HeartsHis house was really lovelier than she’d expected and the extra touch of little flower gardens which followed to the side the tiled walking paths that ran round the house’s perimeter completely stole her heart. Seeing how much she appreciated the surroundings, he suggested that instead they prepare the dinner he’d planned previously to take her into town to enjoy and, of course, she agreed immediately. After all, it was a great opportunity to spend more time enjoying the natural beauty he’d cocooned his home in. Within her however, she had this inkling that she ought to just insist on the initial plans and enjoy the surroundings on some other occasion (when it wasn’t so late in the evening perhaps) but she immediately squelched the thought, convincing herself that the fact they were going to be eating outside made it all the more harmless.

Never mind that the cooking was going to be done inside the house.

Never mind that they were the only two individuals currently on the premises.

Never mind that the day would depart to introduce the night regardless of whether or not they fed.

She persuaded herself with her ‘seeming’ logic and they set to work on their meal.

Cooking with him turned out to be – great fun actually. They cracked jokes, reminisced on their days in University, shared their understanding on the message preached the preceding Sunday at church – all the while they worked; basically having a wonderful time in each other’s company. Every-so-often though, when he’d manage to get close enough (either to help her open a can of peas, or cut the tough part on some piece of meat – or whatever), he’d use the opportunity to steal a light kiss or tickle her or brush off this stray particle of spice or that piece of onion stuck somewhere; just basically ensuring that the communication lines between both their bodies were relatively open.

Did she notice?

Without a doubt.

Was she convinced they were innocent gestures and maybe even coincidental?


With that conviction – regardless of how false – she declined to comment nor rebuke him for the several unnecessary caresses and pokes and hugs and pecks. She didn’t want to ruin the fun time they were having and dampen the mood. He’d had a really rough week and this day together was supposed to relieve him of some of the tension he’d accumulated; get him to relax and just enjoy being with each other. He already knew her reservations about a lot of things and it’s not like he wasn’t Christian either so if he wanted to just play around for one afternoon and cross a few boundaries because of how terribly he’d missed her or something, she wasn’t about to be the super-uptight girlfriend who was ever poised with a strict, ‘rules-soaked’ rag to wipe off any and every semblance of delight or happiness from their relationship and most especially, from his handsome face. God forbid that she push him away by being ‘over-righteous’. So she let it slide and simply chose to enjoy the moment (s).

Their meal was a huge success – they would know since they were the consumers – and they sat for a spell or two, complimenting each other on their individual culinary prowess and flirting lightly. Of course, she’d lost track of time and once this track was once again rediscovered by her, she almost panicked – considering for the first time how concerned her flat-mates would be since her phone battery had perished hours ago. He tried to calmly reassure her but her guilt drowned out his voice. It’s not as though she hadn’t come in late before but she’d always kept them in the loop regarding her whereabouts. That she’d been so irresponsible as to not once consider them with every hour that drew the morning closer both astounded and embarrassed her.

He affectionately hushed her, promising that her flat-mates would not be the least concerned and were probably sound asleep. She bought into it, though commonly scarce sense could easily prove him a fibber, and decided she would just help him clear up the dirty dishes and then leave.

So they both transported all they had used for their outdoor meal to his kitchen.

Then they both washed and dried all they had used for their outdoor meal in his kitchen.

Then he watched her arrange all they had used for their outdoor meal in the cabinets in his kitchen.


And when she was done and ready to leave, he was standing in the doorway…an indication that he would rather prefer that they spent a little more time in his kitchen…

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  1. Ghen ghen! Nice piece @kwiksie. Gotta go find the first part.

    1. lol. Such ‘ghen ghen’. ^_^
      Thanks for reading @mcsnol , please find it oh!

  2. poetically written…..nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    looking forward to the next part….

    1. Thanks so much! @kyceeq I’m glad you like…part 3 will be with you shortly. :)

  3. Kelechi Eze (@Kraftykele)

    Nice pacing, like watching a silent movie though.

    1. Thanks @kraftykele … that was kind of the plan though. lol
      Wanted to see how a ‘no dialogue’ tale would work out. :D

  4. Nalongo (@Nalongo)

    Why do we not like telling ourselves the truth? She will certainly be derailed!

    1. @nalongo , my brother help me ask these people oh! hehe ;)
      Thanks for reading!

  5. Kitchen romance.
    They like food.

    1. @ameenaedrees that is very true.
      Pair of hungry folks they are….:)
      Thanks for stopping by!

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