Final Escape (6)

Final Escape (6)

“My husband, for over weak you have not slept, not gone to work, you don’t eat either, what is going on? Even our little Yusuf has noticed, he asks me always what is wrong with you and I do not have an answer for him. You just sit on the bed staring at the celling. If you don’t have any pity on yourself and me, then pity your son, our only child” she said she pointing to Yusuf who slept peacefully on the only bed in the room. “It has even gotten to the extent that I have to force you to say your daily prayers, what is wrong?” Aisha asked her husband.

Musa sighed heavily and looked at his wife “I will tell you everything now, I don’t think I can keep it to myself any longer. I think I might die by just keeping it to myself” he began

“I’m listening” Aisha said urging her husband to speak afraid that, he might decide not to say anything again.

“You know that girl we saw on the news today, that Christiana girl, the one that was missing now confirmed dead by the police…”

“Ya Allah! The poor girl that was murdered but what has that got to do with you?”

“I know who killed her, I have known for more than a week now, I saw him dump her body at the place she was found.”

“Subhanallah! You should inform the police, that poor girl deserves justice”

He scoffed and touched his wife’s cheek “oh my dear Aisha, did you think I haven’t thought about that but look at us, we strife every day just to put food on our tables, look at our son, he wants to be a footballer, you want him to become something else, something greater and I just want him to be anything that makes him happy and fulfilled, but we don’t have the resources to make him become anything and he is just going to end  up like us, he’ll quit school become a night guard like me and the cycle will only continue.”

Aisha shook her head and smiled “That is not true, Yusuf is exceptionally bright, he excels in both Arabic studies and school work, he speaks English very well sometimes when he speaks to me in English I find it very difficult to understand what he is saying.”

“And what does that amount to, without money, he won’t be able to realise that dream and he…”

“So what exactly are you driving at, what is your point?” she interrupted

“My point is that we can get a lot of money out of the murderer, leave this community start a new life, a new life that will guarantee a good life for our son”

“Wait a minute, I am not very educated but I do know that what you are suggesting is an offence you might get caught and then how will you take care of our son’s future then.”

“Offense? Who is going to report to the police, you, me or pastor David?”

“Pastor David!” Aisha exclaimed.

“Yes, Pastor David” he repeated.

“Are you insane? That man is a very powerful man I don’t want you to get hurt, he is rich and powerful and he is a pastor he has the whole congregation to back him up, what do you think you are trying to do?”

“I know I should not have said anything to you, you will never understand, good night” he said and lay on the bed

“But…” Aisha tried to protest but Musa had already covered himself up and she knew he will no longer speak to her that night.


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  1. You seem not to take cognizance of the comments on the previous episodes as regards punctuation errors and tenses. proof-reading is very key. take note and take heed, with this, you’ll improve. keep writing!

  2. This is nice, Just try to cross check your work over and over again before submitting. Good job tho.

  3. @Shovey yes that true and and instead of week weak was used and the stories are very short

  4. This is way too short.

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