Death By Banging: 3

Ama giggled in spite of her self and allowed Biodun to guide her through the gate. The security guard was Vuzi, he knew Ama and asked if she was okay.The latter smiled at him before nodding. He was a cute Khosa lad in his mid thirties. He was a hopeless flirt and never hesitated to show off his biceps to the ladies. He had been a customer once, Biodun’s purple bed sheet would never tell a tale, Ama thought as she ran a palm on Vuzi’s arm.

Biodun loved that duvet set and there was no way Ama was going to tell her that her favorite sheet had experienced her love tussle. Her tummy growled but she held it down. The night had been one hell of a night and she was determined to keep it sane a while longer.

Biodun kept saying something about how she was going to find herself in a ditch somewhere with her intestines wrapped around her head. But Ama didn’t care about that at that moment, she just wanted to keep her package away from Biodun’s curious eyes.

But when the elevator tinged at the fourth floor and Biodun mentioned her mouth stuffed with heroine, Ama winced at the thought. God forbid evil, she swore. As tough as she was, she had never tried drugs. She didn’t escape Nigeria’s hardship to end up gutless in a ditch in the rainbow nation. It would be bad to be sent home labeled as a heroine addict.

The light on the landing burnt Ama’s eyes slightly but she shifted her head to the side. There wasn’t any hassle as Biodun opened the door to the flat. When Ama heard the door click, her shoulders relaxed. Biodun’s flat smelt like vanilla as usual courtesy of Zaz, her gay flat-mate. It had not always been a scent Ama loved but that morning, it smelt just like heaven.

It was a welcoming smell that her whole body embraced in surrender. Biodun led Ama to the couch and went into the walk-in kitchen. Ama wasn’t sure what she was doing but she heard her call on the higher power so many times that Ama wished the old man would just literally answer her and make her quiet down in there.

“I am telling you, you are just a stubborn girl,” Biodun said as she walked round the kitchen space.

“Keep it down, Bee,” Ama managed to say as she rubbed her palms together.

“I swear, this is the last time I am going to let you in like this,” Biodun said as she handed a mug to Ama.

Ama had a good mind to ask what was in it but the look on that pretty face staring down at her shut her up for good. Biodun had said she wouldn’t help her again for so many times that Ama had stopped counting. It was not just her, it was also like that with Sade, Lanre, Akeem, Teni and that hausa girl that thought living in Cape town meant she was better than all the other girlfriends Biodun had.

“You need to chill, I am going to be fine. I just need you to back off a bit, please!” Ama said as she tried to swallow the foul tasting concoction Biodun had given her.

Biodun sat down across Ama on the persian rug and asked her what had happened. Ama wanted so much to explain to her but the policeman had swore to make her life and the life of any other persons involved miserable. No way in the world was she going to bring misery into Biodun’s life.

She would rather die she thought, but knowing the worry-worth sitting in front of her she knew she had to come up with a story and fast too. This was a necessity because she knew Biodun was ready to make her stay up all morning if she wasn’t told. So, Ama made up a believable story of how a client had gotten violent and accused her of stealing his money.

“How dumb do you think I am?” Biodun asked as she stared stonily at the drinking Ama.


Biodun hit Ama on the laps and she laughed.

“I am very serious. Don’t think I am going to fall for that stupid bullshit tale you just told,” Biodun said as she collected the mug from Ama. Ama sighed loudly and rolled her eyes. She just wanted to sleep and make it till daybreak, and then give the rubbish in her bag to the man and continue with her life, in Johannesburg. Yes, it was time to move and Biibi had better come through.

“Spill it, girl!” Biodun screamed out. Zaz came out of his room and asked what the matter was. He was in his lip print pee-jays and snickered when he saw Ama.

“I should have guessed,” he said as he rolled his eyes. Biodun begged him to stay out of it and go back into his room. Zaz shook his head and went into the kitchen to come back with a glass of water. He made a face at Ama who gave him the middle finger.

“That one hates my guts,” Ama complained. Biodun stood up and turned on the heater.

Ama removed her jacket and boots but clung to her purse. Biodun stared at the purse and asked what was inside, Ama said nothing. Biodun asked the second time and Ama maintained that it was nothing to fret about. Biodun then asked if it was drugs. Ama laughed and asked if she was crazy.

“Drugs? Are you out of your mind? I can never do that to you. You know that I can never bring that rubbish into your house,” Ama said as she placed the purse behind her.

“Let me see the purse then,” Biodun demanded. Ama got up and held unto the purse.

“Listen, Bee. I know you mean well and only looking out for me,” Ama started. The few seconds after was not what she would have expected. Biodun had left the sofa with such speed that Ama couldn’t thought fast enough. The purse flew out of her hand and hit the floor, with the content scattered all over the ground. The brown bundle laid under the table and both ladies went for it at the same time.

“What the hell?!” Ama said as Biodun shoved her aside and grabbed the parcel.

“What the hell is this, Amarachi?” Biodun asked with a stare that could melt an iron. Ama looked like she could dissolve into the ground. What Biodun was holding wasn’t cocaine, it was a .38 service revolver.

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  1. This is getting tough.

  2. it sure is. this is more of an erotic crime story, so to say. lol. thanks for reading.

  3. Just reading with a feeling…still following…

  4. well well well what a twist we have here lol. Still reading

  5. @eclecticmissy am yet to set my eyes on DEATH BY BANGING 2. I must confess, you made a right choice for a title and d pix delivers a note of finality on the story. Kudos. More grease to ur elbows of erotic writing.

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