My Call and Your Call

My Call and Your Call

Who knows the day?
One day only a day
Just one day all but one day
Having gone far and wide
Riding restlessly by the billowing wind
Just a day we call it a day
All our fames will be charade in a way
Unknown to us how it gonna be
We wish to reach the be like a bee

One day just only a day
Just one day all but one day
Our striving and starring
At our glossy star, we stand staring
Just a day we call it a day
As our star fades and withers away
Seriously our affirmed star at lurch
Will leave us hopeless and rush

Just waiting tirely for the day
Just longing to know the day
Whatever may be my fate as I wait
I just have to steel sternly my faith
Not minding I dazed in this hazy way
That foamingly roaming, I sway
I just pray that I will justly be ready
As I keep my virtuous pace steady

Farewell my hay days
Adieu my glorious days
I just wish you will not rust
As I falter and womble in my lust
We have seen our starlad days
Blossoming like hibiscus in the Mays
Surely every success from success decline
But as for aspiring, I will not recline

2 thoughts on “My Call and Your Call” by SUNNYDEMAJESTY (@SUNNYDEMAJESTY)

  1. Kelechi Eze (@Kraftykele)

    Some really good parts, but it seemed unnecessarily forced at times.

  2. sunnydemajesty (@SUNNYDEMAJESTY)

    Thanks for your comments but I cannot really understand what you mean.

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