Vote United Nations  World’s Guardian Angel

Vote United Nations World’s Guardian Angel

From prehistoric races such as in Bermuda Triangle, African slave meltdown, the Empires meltdown, 20th Century world wars, the cold war, Russian meltdown, Arab meltdown… Did you ever wish that the United Nations, UN, was able to enforce its wisdom about the freedom of each individual? I often wondered how the UN and continental organizations must feel the frustration of the world’s guardian angel, the number-one speaker of freedom for all individuals. When country governments endanger and impoverish its own peoples, the UN may have enough clear-cut case against the incredible politician. But the case to make must be that neither the UN nor any ordinary individual has either the power or the position to be a guardian angel for the world. Perhaps the stop-gap position of a role model was well contrived as a way of silently redirecting the conscience of every individual to pursue idea of perfection through purity. And even the UN may have to grasp the facts of this life in a way to make the clear-cut case about how to be a role model of freedom through purity as the brilliance beyond all fear.

Stories of great humans acting or living in the role of guardian or angel may be said to light the candle enough for any to see how living life is to breed a desire and ability to face our fear as it comes, to become a kind of role model in time. Yet religion, economics and politics continues to supply leaders as role models often without a unity of purpose among these three domains in the frontiers of fear or freedom. Either in the institutions for producing their brands of role models or in the course contents for learning their stewardship, all three domains deny even the UN the voice it sorely needs to enforce its wisdom as a responsible learning organization.

Fear is the opposite of freedom as words are mere symbols of divine hidden meaning. The facts of life teaches the rest through a clear-cut server that is called Holy Spirit, the creativity of God which we live inside the way each human being lives in a house and as spirit called Soul lives in a human body. As Soul we are each standalone unit of Holy Spirit as the perfect image and likeness of God, learning and growing through reincarnations to be its local star. The facts of life let us see how Holy Spirit has the profile of a true guardian angel, like a parent to a child and bringer of freedom for all its creations.

When the global quest of man for freedom begins in earnest it will herald the season of universal rebirth of a world free from fear of every kind. It may make the human principle to upgrade religion to spirituality and to recombine spirituality into economics and politics as the three freedoms:

  • Redefine freedom as a responsibility you earn for living as an heir of God in daily moments.
  • Teach everyone how to get human life right by facing every fear to get the three freedoms.
  • Restore the spirit of community as a practice and a principle of our unity and purity in God.

But even the UN was not able to stop Syria from destroying itself in half a decade, so how can the human match for freedom break out of the box of self-willed leaders and followers living for the dole through the dice of democracy. Twenty years after discovering the answer, that fear may be a dimmer switch but each person was creating a credit card of freedom, Dim had three sleeping dreams that would mark his gift of change. After all, everyone likes a bit of free cheese yet it is this habit of the ice cube of fear that soon fills into solid grooves of self-will forming long-playing records of reincarnation.


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