Mother-in-law: Episode 5

With the thought of Emeka strongly in my heart, i stood with my arms crossed staring through the window of the living room. Emeka left home the day we returned from the village. He left me without a word and did not come home for three days. I was filled with so much regret. With tears running down my cheeks, i stared until the sun slipped behind the horizon and the moon shone bright as day.

It was 9:am in the morning. I got down from my car and walks into Lara’s apartment. I settled beside her on a leather chair in her sitting room.

“Wine.” Lara nodded at the bottle on the table. “Very light. Quite refreshing.”

I shook my head and leaned my back against the chair. “No. Thanks.” I drew in a deep breath, and told her all that happened.

“You need not to be scared.” Lara held her wineglass and took a sip. “All that matters is you having a child.”

“I was told to stop using the soap.” I turned my gaze away. “Or else i will die.”

“Who? The priest?” She asked. “Have you forgot what baba told you.”

I stared at Lara quietly. A mental image of the herbalist flashed in my mind. “If you start using this soap, you must not stop until after seven days. If you do not complete the bath for seven days, something bad will happen.” That was the warning the herbalist gave me before me and Lara left his shrine.

“Nkechi.” Lara sighed. “What are you going to do now?”

I shook my head and sighed. “I don’t know.”


The day was getting old when i got home. Emeka’s car was parked in the compound.

“When did my husband returned.”

“Since afternoon madam.” The gate man said.

I stood silently for few seconds before walking into the house. Emeka pulled himself up staring at me, i stood unmoving, i wanted to walk but my feet refused to move, all i could do was stare.

Emeka took a step forward and opened his arms wide. “Come.”

With tears in my eyes, i threw myself into his arms. “I’m sorry.”

He held me tight. “She’s dead.” He said. “She confessed.”

I cried. “I am sorry.”

He pushed away my hair from my face, and held me tight. “It’s okay.”

(A month later. At midnight)

“Hahahahaha… You will not have a child.”

“Please don’t kill me.”

“You will Die. You will die.”

“No plesssssssse…”

I jerked up from sleep to a heavy thunder strike and lightnings. The rain was falling heavily. I jumped out of bed and walks toward the window. After I shut the window, i heard a voice behind me. I turned around, no one was there, my head dashed around the room, looking at every corner, i made it over to the door and pulled it open just enough for me to peek through. “Who is there?” There was no answer. I closed the door and turned. Beside the window, the ghost of my mother-in-law was staring at me.




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  1. WTF??? and you had to stop it there abi?

  2. Hmm…u na dn enta another wahala…bt I fnk u knw d nxt thng for you to do.

  3. Sooooo engaging. Well done

  4. You this mother in law from the pits of hell! Its this Patience Ozokwor type woman that make women deny some mens proposal. Sometimes its not worth it

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