My Kogi State University crush….

Started from ’06 during my remedial days….

Redeem campus fellowship…

There was something about Mary…

I was tickled by her little frame, flattered by her innocent looks, blown away by her essence and attraction….

Her beauty was ravishing, I paid attention at the sound of her name…

I saw her act couple of drama, I watched with keenness at her expressions…

I had to have this beauty (it seemed a hopeless wishful thinking)…


A long wait right? (Not that I was a coward, some girls are just too pretty to approach)

But it was worth the wait….

She was regular at my friend’s and so was I (I wanted to be that close to her)

She would say “hi”, I would reply and….. (There was usually nothing more to say, just staring at her)

Okay, I tried another means…”Facebook!”… (Gosh! So unmanly)

A comment on her photo, she requested an inbox for clarity, I sent a Poem…..

And then it began….!!!

She greeted me with a hug….(I reached the seventh heaven!)

She looked me in the eye with a smile, I watched the sweet movement of her tongue…..

It was easy to talk to her, so much to say, I opened like a book…(Her charm was up to the task! Lol)


We loved music (especially downloaded by cheating MTN with special codes)

We watched movies…(Felt so good to have her that near)

Hung out a lot…(Especially at the Suya joint, eating “indomie-suya” combo)

Days shared, nights shared….she was my girlfriend (I loved her pieces…)

So what did we do right……

Flaunt our love…(She was bold to admit her feelings to friends, I did same too)

We went places together ….(Visit friends, buy stuffs, once for YWAP meeting,….she was even there to cheer me when I performed at a concert!)

We got each moment right!… (Intimate, study, play….they had their timing)

FEB 14TH 2010……

Recalled as my best Val ever, ‘cos it was spent with her…

Just us, decent outing, great meal, music playing, atmosphere blue….flowing to the rhythm of Love….

Always so rapt in attention anytime I sang “I’ll do anything for you – by 3T” to her……(She always made me sing it to her, there was that part she always wanted to hear)

There is nothing sweeter than having a woman your heart and soul has desired for so long…..

We lived Happily ever after…..?

Not really!

Faced opposition from my buddie for reasons best known to him (….or he felt I betrayed him ‘cos he had told me he had a crush on her?)

Mistrust Issues kept creeping in… (Yes I was the jealous type, but she? Didn’t want any girl close to me!)

Pride and differences surfaced (the handwriting was on the wall for us now)

Then Boom!! IT HAPPENED……!!!

Yet the Fond memories remained!!

And the songs kept playing…. Barry White’s “Practice what you preach”, Neyo’s “Part of the list”…… Many more that usually filled the room.

The look in her eyes, the taste of her lips…..the way she giggled when she calls me my pet name…. No other Crush could have done it better….

Yes She graduated in 2010….. I had a year and half to go…

She’s’ was the best real date I ever had in my undergraduate days…. And it is mine to cherish in years to come…

Many knew her, “A gold fish has no hiding Place”

A time I was in love with Mary

2 thoughts on “Mary” by Bright Benson (@brytandre)

  1. Nice write up…Good story from the heart. U just gotta let it go…I know how it feels.

    keep writing.

  2. lovely! Mary should get to see this well-composed memoir. #TrueLove #Crush

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