How Deep Is Your Love?


In your mind , how deep?

Deep in set eyes, how hollow?

How satisfied-like a tomb?

How deep is your love,

Is it deeper than ocean?

Farther than the sky above?

How deep is your love?

Deeper than sea ?

Than dungeon or like depth within?

Please, is it deeper than abyss?

How deep is your love?

I hope is deeper than my thoughts?

Deeper than….  hmm, than this thing

I must say not.

How deep is your love?

…because now, am on the Verge of fall,

Falling ,maybe now I don’t care,

How deep I ‘ll go, How deep I ‘ll fall,

In this infinite free flow of love!

2 thoughts on “How Deep Is Your Love?” by petersonspecies (@Petersonspecies)

  1. OMG! hey! did you go through the memo I saved to my phone? because this poem right here sounds like the collaborative piece my little sister and I wrote last year.

    W e said, lie to me,
    how deep is your love?
    has it crossed the seven seas and back?

    lol.. we were only playing thou. Interesting poem overall!

    ‘Deeper than…. hmm, than this thing…I must say not.”

  2. Nice. Deep. Romantic.

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