How to Become a Writer


Many people dream of one day becoming a successful writer, but few actually take the steps necessary to make it happen. While there are many different paths to the top of the literary world, there are some ways of getting your foot in the door that have proven to work better than others. If you have made up your mind that you are going to seriously try to make a living as a writer, here are some tips to help you accomplish your goal.

1. What type of writing do you enjoy?

There are many different types of writers. Novelists like Daniel Handler achieve the greatest level of fame if they are successful. They also get paid the most if their novels sell. However, writing a novel is a huge time commitment. If you are writing your first novel, you will also need to have a job to earn money as you write your novel. This means that you will need to balance the time you devote to your novel with your occupation. Writing articles or blogs for websites, newspapers and magazines is much less time consuming. It gives you more time to work at your day job. You will also receive payment for your articles very quickly.

2. Take a writing class

While some writers like Handler are naturally gifted, many people need their writing talents to be properly honed in a classroom environment. There is no down side to taking a creative writing class at your local community college. The teacher can provide you with valuable feedback that you can use to make your writing tighter and easier to read. Feedback is critical for a new author to improve his or her skills. Your teacher can also pass your writing along to colleagues who can read it and provide you with some constructive criticism.

3. Do not be afraid of rejection

Many of the best writers in the world were rejected multiple times before they started to earn money. In most cases, if you send your writing samples to various places and they get rejected, they will usually included information about why it was rejected. They will tell you the ways to make your writing acceptable to their particular standards. Take their advice to heart and make the necessary changes. Once you feel that your writing has been improved sufficiently, send your writing samples to the publishing company, magazine, newspaper or website you want to work for. Don’t give up and be persistent.

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