The Aisle of the Cursed – Part 2

So Deliya lived as an orphan in an orphanage home in the neighbouring country. She lived there till she was 18 years old. She had saved enough money to live on her own. She rented an old house and lived in it. Indeed, everything was on a brighter side in this country. Everyone liked her and was so nice to her. She felt happy again. She abandoned magic and never practised it during her stay in the orphanage home. Hope was present in that place. She felt alive for the first time in so many years. She vowed to become normal; like every normal human being. Even when she left, she tried to live a new life. She never revealed her past to anyone. No one knew who and what she was. She became nice and humble, like what they had taught her to be at the orphanage home. Everyone saw her as a sweet innocent girl. Her eyes were adorned with glowing shades of brown and her hair was as long as the length of her hands. Indeed, she was a very beautiful girl. Deliya was hard working. She had a shop where she made clothes for her fellow country folks. Life was as comfortable as her house, where she lived alone. Fate had turned on her side again. And everyone loved to be with her. Was it because they were unaware of her past? Or because they were oblivious of the beast that lived inside of her?…She thought. At 19, Deliya found a lover. And life became a bed of roses.

Mark is a young and handsome man. At his young age, he is already successful. He falls in love with Deliya and they love each other dearly. Behold, he took her to his mother.



Mark: Mother, I want you to meet my girl friend, Deliya.

Emely: Hmmm…She is so pretty. How are you my dear?

Deliya: I am fine…How do you do, ma’am? (Emely drags her to a corner and whispers to her)

Emely: I know what you are…You are a witch…But… I am also a witch…Hahaha…You know we witches have these instincts…We can tell who’s a witch and who’s not! But we all know that witchcraft is prohibited in this country. The penalty is death! However, your identity is safe with me. And I hope mine is also safe with you. My son doesn’t even know that I am a witch! So let’s make a promise.

(Deliya nodded her head in agreement. Emely’s face was quite familiar. She looked like Miss Rebecca, Deliya’s mother’s best friend. Deliya and Miss Rebecca were enemies. When Gora died, Miss Rebecca had come to request for her body so she could perform a transfer ritual…to inherit Gora’s powers and become very powerful. Her aim was to dominate the union of witches and become the leader. Little Deliya didn’t trust her and so she refused her request. She vowed never to give her mother’s body away to be used as a “lab rat”. So she locked her mother’s tomb with a spell, bound by a drop of her father’s blood. She had casted a control spell on him to get his blood by cutting a little of his skin. And then she performed the spell. And as long as he lived, the spell was effective. But did Deliya know that? Her father was quite cooperative that period for she had casted a control spell on him. That way, Miss Rebecca could gain no access into her mother’s tomb. Miss Rebecca grew to hate Deliya. She hated the fact that as little as she was, she had learnt most of the spells her mother could perform. Miss Rebecca was never married. She had no child. At least that was what she made the country folks believe. She was fat and had a long red hair. But Emely was quite different. She had a short black hair and was quite slim .Deliya could not ignore the similarities. She could only ignore the thoughts. “…What if Emely was Miss Rebecca?…”

Three months later, Mark ended his affair with Deliya.



Roxl: Why would you abandon Deliya? I once knew you were in love with her. You have always been! Why have you abandoned her? So you abandon her because of Sophia, that whore? Deliya is pregnant with your child! Why do you have to leave her now?

Mark: I really don’t know what I am doing! I know she’s pregnant with my child. I know she is…And I love her so so much…I am just scared…scared of commitment. I am young and inexperienced. I am scared of getting married now. I am… And Deliya is only 19!

Roxl: So you want to jeopardize your responsibilities? You are now an expectant father. You have to take care of your responsibilities. You are wealthy . You are rich enough to cater for a family of your own now. Stop being a boy and become a man! Go after Deliya! Apologise to her and marry her! She could be 19 but she’s more mature than that! You have to re-consider this.

Mark: …You are right, Roxl. I have never felt complete with Sophia. I have always yearned for Deliya. I can’t bear it anymore. I have to return to her…I have to!

Roxl: That’s what I am talking about. Where is she at the moment?

Mark: She is in her own house…The old country house she rented…But…but do you think she’d accept me? I know Deliya. She could be really hard sometimes.

Roxl: She will accept you. As long as she’s pregnant with your child, she will accept you. And I am very certain that Deliya loves you. She is a very strong girl. Take my word.







A bird flew from the north and perched on Deliya’s roof. Her memories come to a stop. She feels the presence of a strange being around her. Her instincts become stronger again. Suddenly, a terrible sound emerges from the courtyard. Her baby kicked fiercefully in her womb as she cried out in pain. She rose up and aligned with her instincts to where the sound was coming from. And behold…





TIME: 8:09PM.


Emely: Oh what a good night it is to find you at home.

Deliya: If you’re here to ask of your son, then I’m sorry to disappoint you! Mark doesn’t live here anymore!

Emely: Of course, young lady. I noticed that when I came in. And now that he has left you all alone, you are all by yourself again! Hmmm…Can you ever be happy in your life? Or even have peace?

Deliya: You don’t know anything about me, Emely! You might be Mark’s mother but you should learn to respect your age! I don’t even understand you…Why do you hate me this much? I thought we made a promise some time ago…never to expose our identities…Why have you grown so cold towards me?

Emely: Well, It’s so easy…I don’t like you! I prefer Sophia to you! It’s such a shame that Mark abandoned you now that you’re with child. Hmmm…Your stomach is bulging out already! You can’t hide that anymore! Now that my son is out of your horrible life, he is free from harm. I guess your witchcraft has limits after all.

Deliya: I don’t regret that I’m with child.

Emely: Hmmm…What a pity! Mark doesn’t love you anymore. He has gone after Sophia; a fair lady from the king’s court! And you are just a bastard peasant with a bastard child in your womb! You will rue the day you ever came out of your mother’s womb! A single mother you shall become. And your child would grow without his father!

Deliya: (In rage) Speak no more! I can’t bear such slanders from you! I know you’re a heartless woman who hates me for no reason but don’t you ever insult my child! You are no better than I am! Mark doesn’t have a father! You bore him as a bastard child! But I don’t even care ! Just get out of my house! I don’t want to ever see your skinny body an inch close to my door again!

Emely: (sighs) The earth is but a tiny circle…How history repeats itself. You order me out of your house again? After all these years? Did you even know that I had a son? Did you ever know that I was your mother’s best friend? Well, I am Rebecca Akonis. The woman who lived in your old country. The woman everyone thought to have been barren and unmarried.

Deliya: What?…What?…You’re Miss Rebecca?

Emely: Yes…I am Miss Rebecca. Emely is my maiden name. Indeed, to say that I haven’t changed raises all reasonable doubts. After you denied my requests years ago, I left your country and settled here. The gullible experiences I encountered rekindled the old “me” in the cage of my soul. I changed! I lost so much weight! Alas, no one called me fat anymore! And I dyed my red hair to a darker colour! I just wanted a change! Hmmm…And you are right. Mark was a bastard child. I couldn’t bear the shame of raising him alone so I gave him to my mother in this country .I lived in your old country ,though childless ,for a reason. I was running away from my fears. But now I am back. I am back with my son again! Twenty three years ago, I gave birth to my only son…And I was ashamed of my own child. Behold, that has changed. My son has grown up and I am indeed proud of him. So I am back!…back to conquer all my abandoned fears!

Deliya: And why are you here? To ask for my mother’s body again?

Emely: You little wench! You really did think you gave me a hard time, didn’t you? Hahaha…You and your father tried to stop me from performing the transfer ritual on your mother’s body!

Deliya: Yes! I knew your intentions then! But my father was oblivious of that. You lied to us…Albeit a pity on you because I didn’t believe any of them! Who could have believed that you just wanted to pay your last respect to my mother? I denied your request for the key to my mother’s tomb…But I knew you were a lot smarter than that. You could have gained entry even without a key and so I performed a spell, using my father’s blood to seal my mother’s tomb. I was twelve then, but I knew a lot more than you thought! After trying so hard to get a drop of my father’s blood, I casted a control spell on him and he volunteered his blood willingly. How I wish the control spell lasted more than a day!

Emely: Gora was smart…And she bore a smarter daughter likewise. But there is always a limit to human wisdom. We all fall prey to natural forces.

Deliya: And you thought inheriting my mother’s powers could give you all the wisdom that you desire? Oh well, you thought wrong! My mother always warned me while she was alive that friends are not to be trusted. You betrayed my mother! You thought you could sabotage us and…

Emely: Isn’t that wonderful? The almighty witch Deliya! (Claps) If you were so powerful, why didn’t you get my son to love you in return? Huh?





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