The Voice

The Voice


A certain hour came and heard I a voice.
If it was a dream, then I was awake in my slumber.
The voice arose in isolation of my choice,
And in the vacuum of my wander;
For my heart was weary and my eyes were heavy.
When the memories of the trials of my past knocked at my heart,
A voice spoke aloud and stern as bravery.
Felt I the voice in my soul as a pin in an old hat.
Oh, I remember its teaching; its words still visit the embers of my thoughts,
It sounded like the rocking rhythms of a rushing gate.
The warmth it brought melted my blood clots.
Trials? -“They are to test and prove your faith”.
I listened deep and as it transmigrated into my soul’s gate.
It spoke as the air earmarked a furtiveness in her way,
Trials?-“They were to test the quality of what your peers,about you, would say”.
Then I gained acquaintance with the authenticity of its presence,
It was a voice that cried from afar,
To who shall I give this reverence?
A strange voice that had left the door of my heart ajar.


How transient and specious is pain,
That it buries in moulds the love in friendships,
Joy is destroyed and dignity is walloped in the rain.
But victory comes and resurrects the dead ships.
The shattered sheet of my heart wields,
To I who old friends had deserted; new friends have come,
The adamant log in my throat bends,
And from within a seismic breath of peace is born.
And then I asked, “Are my new peers good men of good hearts?”
The voice replied,”Yes, they have God in them”
As I arose to encounter with my eyes this strange voice in the wind,
Behold, it started fading.
I had lost it to an invisible field.
Then,I gained my outer sight and my encounter the wind stood,inhaling.
It seemed more of a dream than it was a reality.
Although the voice was gone,it remained in totality;
The deference of the angel I never saw,
But the voice I daily in my heart needed more.

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  1. Thanks for your comments!

  2. I like the echo of the beat, it deadens restlessness and hopelessness in the ‘ embers of my thought’

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