The Vane Race

The Vane Race

I wonder where they went,
My dead ones
In the shadows of darkness,
They are with God I heared,
Life was actually vane,
It meant nothing,
Its just a vacuum,
I guess u can read my mind.

What’s life all about,
Why are we even here,
Terrifying news filled our ears,
As our hearts raced like tornado,
What has life got to offer us,
Questions rolling down our lost heart,
We need light we said,
We need love,
Love of our Creator,

Why was I born?
Why now?
Why didn’t I exist a century ago?
Your existence have a cause,
A cause defined by God,
A time you cannot choose,
A life you have to define,
A world you have to live,
A sole journey,
Just like a double edge sword,
Got stucked between wrong and right,
What’s left for me to choose from?

This journey of vanity has only one stop,
Death it is,
Don’t be scared,
Because that’s what life gives,
Your money can’t save you now,
What can u trade with life?
The list never ends,
I guess you know the answer to this,
Life is a vane race,
And I hope u don’t crash running too fast,
Slow riders get smart please,
You have only but a second chance.

4 thoughts on “The Vane Race” by oluwole olalekan (@lakemacaulay)

  1. Vanity upon vanity. Life is indeed a vain race

  2. vain is the pursuit of life details that is outside God

  3. I felt the weight of your disappointment over our loss of control of our fates.that’s life for you.

  4. @anakadrian,@Rosey,@himalone……….i really appreciate your comments

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