Thick and Thin


They called me fool. They said we weren’t even married yet, and I was wasting away, waiting. They said he was probably rotting under the ground and that I will wait till my breasts sag; till my skin shrinks into old age.

I watched them tell me these, but I chose to stick to hope. Hope that the promises he made to me those good times under the sunset had not been faux. I cherished the memories of his face, his eyes, his voice as smooth as silk, when he told me he loved me.

‘Ada’ he had said slightly above a whisper. My stomach knotted. ‘I will give everything it takes to come back to you.’

That night I made a promise too; to wait for him.

In the first few months, I would get the letters he managed to scribble, hold them close to my heart and cry. I would reply him too, telling him everything about everything, and asking him to be strong.

The month I stopped getting letters was the month they started talking.

I was match-made with many men, good-looking and wealthy, just waiting to take me down the aisle. I always declined, however. None of them was Kelechi, none of them could be. When the pressure mounted and became unbearable, I fled, and worked my socks off to survive on my own.

It was after two years of waiting that I saw the news: the surviving soldiers were returning home.  I remember jumping for joy; I remember rolling on the floor too. He was coming, finally.

Today, I stare into nothingness as the fallen soldiers are being lowered into the ground. Tears fail me. My Kelechi will be with me, but only in my memories, for he returned without breathe in his lungs. I open his diary, the only remnant of him from the war, and read for the umpteenth time his last words to me:

I knew you would wait.

24 thoughts on “Thick and Thin” by Ife Olujuyigbe (@ifekleva)

  1. Awww what a touching and sad tale.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Keep on writing.

    1. You’re welcome. I shan’t stop sire. :)

  2. oh wat a sad story,
    this was really gud tho.

  3. Ohhhh no, I need tissues right now. :-) :-)

    1. Awww… I’m sowwy.

  4. Sad…touching!

  5. Touching indeed…

    1. *dabs at eyes*
      Thanks for stopping by Abdul

  6. It doesn’t always end happily ever after does it?

    1. Am afraid it doesn’t. Thanks Mr Okhai.

  7. How long would she continue to wait? Now she just have to move on. RIP to the fallen heroes.

    1. Thanks for reading Aderonke. Sad as it is, these things do happen.

  8. Oh my God. It’s so beautiful. And the last statement brought tears to my eyes. Nice one.

    1. Thanks Hassana. :)

  9. Sad.Touching.Beautiful… couldn’t help but shed a tear, the last sentence really got to me I KNEW YOU WOULD WAIT

    1. Thank you so much Kosnie.

  10. Really good job. We need to remember the fallen heroes more often.

    1. We sure do. Thanks Sir Sam.

  11. How Beutiful and sweet well done

  12. Beautiful story @ifekleva. Just check the punctuation and grammar.There are several easy-to-fix problems. Otherwise great job!

    1. Thank you very much.
      As for the critique, thanks too. I wouldn’t mind you pointing out the issues though. That’d really help.

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