questions for my addiction

questions for my addiction

I remember,

the magical beginning.

when we fell in love.

the days of blissful happiness,

siamesed together,

two, heavenly reduced to one.

with one heart beating for two.

the joy of two,

the shared laughs.

living for each other,

ready to die together.

all gone now.


I stare at the bottle,

or is it staring at me ?.

am I living in the bottle,

or the bottle in me ?.

drowning in the bottle,

or the bottle drowning in me ?.

am I the master

and is it the slave ?.

do I want to let go,

does it want to cling on to the end ?.

when I say this is the last one,

does it laugh and say it is just beginning ?.

is the bottle clouding my thoughts,

or my thought clouding the bottle ?.

is my confusion in the bottle,

or the bottle in my confusion ?.

where do I find the answers

hidden behind the answers ?.

what do I do ?.

when all the answers I get,

are themselves questions.

9 thoughts on “questions for my addiction” by Mamman Saba Mustapha (@danjuma)

  1. very intriguing. Addiction indeed

  2. @Folakemi. Thank you, yes addiction indeed.

  3. addiction… with liquor….

  4. This is beautiful

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