The Pen Personae

Sometimes, I want to sue my writing side whene’er
i’m at my wit’s end for then, nothing I wit. Being a
wordsmith is more onerous than being a
blacksmith. A writer can be readily missiled than a
soldier. There can be bosses of buses or presidents
over cents but a writer is eternally lickspittle to his
abiotic deity; his pen. The pen is a pro tean god. It
is a muse that does muse. It is implacable and
forgiveable. It doesn’t forgive but it forgets. It’s
fluid is the lubricant of literature and well as the
balm of bards. It foreshadows the imminent
shadows. It hindcasts the pasts. It courses the
two into the present confluence.
Who is a writer but a serf to a lord for he
cultivates the pages of his farm.

5 thoughts on “The Pen Personae” by Olaniyi Olayemi (@OlaniyiOlayemi)

  1. Excellent write

  2. The pen is mightier than the sword

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