Not Even A Nod

Not Even a Nod.
I zoomed out of the house after I found my phone where I had dropped it under the sofa seat. With any luck, I wouldn’t be too late to work today. From my house I got into a molue bus-getting fairly extinct these days but it was one of the cheaper modes of transport in the metropolis. Thankfully I saw that there were seats available in the bus and I plunked down gratefully. We continued on our journey, the bus stopping to pick up passengers. In minutes, the bus was full. People started standing. Amongst the passengers was a woman with her baby on her back. Being the gallant fellow that I am, I gestured to her to take my seat. She placed herself on the seat and did not give me so much as a backwards glance.

It seemed that I woke up on the right side of bed that day. The traffic was light and I actually got to work right on time. My supervisor doled out tip sheets for us(being a stockbroker must have its perks). I groaned but I was ready to tackle any obstacle that presented itself that day. Halfway down my worksheet, a colleague came over to me. “They just called me at my son’s school. He’s sick. I need to go pick him up. I need you to cover for me. I won’t be long.” He handed me his tip sheet and hurriedly left. I scowled but picked it up. I would now have to do the work of two people on my own time. But I rolled up my sleeves and got into it. I ended up not going for lunch break. Tried as I would I couldn’t finish the two jobs assigned to me. Before closing, the supervisor came to look over my work and made some cryptic remarks about my reports being sloppy despite all the effort and extra research I had put into it. By closing, Timothy still had not shown up. I had not even got the courtesy of a call from him. I was furious with myself for agreeing to help him at all.

On the way home, I was boiling. I did not feel very appreciated. Since the beginning of the day no one had shown appreciation for the things I did for them. I decided I had had it. From now on, I would only look out for number one. Me. I boarded a bus and sat down stewing. A passenger moved past me to get down and then her purse fell. Instinctively, I bent down to pick it up and gave it to her. She took it from me and got down without a word. By this time, I was ready to punch someone. Why were people so ungrateful?

Unbidden, a passage of scripture came to me. Jesus had healed ten lepers who begged him to heal them. However after they had received their healing none of them remembered to get back to thank him. None of them except one. Just 1 out of 10 people whose lives he saved. Then I realized that Jesus didn’t do those good deeds to collect gratitude. No, He did them to honor God. My hurt feelings eased somewhat as I walked down the street to my house. I needed to examine the motives for performing my so called acts of kindness. As I unlocked the door and stepped into the house, I got a text message.
“Thanks mate for you help today. I’m still in the hospital. My son had to be admitted. I appreciate all your help. Thanks again. Tim.”
I couldn’t help the smile that spread on my face. One out of three…not bad at all.

9 thoughts on “Not Even A Nod” by vickyoziwrites (@Vickyoziwrites)

  1. Message eloquently passed.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Keep on writing.

  2. I love this, I’m not a saint but when it comes to doing something for someone it should be sorely to honour God,
    Life is not give and take.
    Nothing is worth more than putting a smile on someone’s face knowing that, that someone can do nothing for you in return.
    Kudos a beg u try, I give you five.

  3. Sincerity is what crucial most in all our action…we should endeavour to be doing our good deeds solely because of God…well written

  4. A lovely piece and reminder that our motives for ‘doing good’ more important than the good itself, as the Bible also alludes that if one does good works in other to gain recognition one has already gotten the reward.

  5. Thanks for the comments guys. Let’s keep doing a golden deed each day.

  6. I love this, actually those little acts of kindness really helps

  7. I live by this and I truly try to do things from th heart because gratitude is not the only gift you get when you help others

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