A Night With Vera

I was driving along Allen Avenue on a cool friday night, nodding my head to the sweet song “Dorobuchi” coming from my car stereo. As i got to Allen roundabout, i saw a beautiful girl standing by the road side waiting for a taxi.


“Good evening” She gave me a quick smile.

“Where are you going?” I asked.


“I’m heading towards Maryland, do you mind if drop you?”

“Ok.” She smiled sweetly. “Thanks.”

A minute of silent went by. I stared at her beautiful face as i stopped for a traffic light.

“I’m Dayo”

“Nice to meet you Dayo.” She said. “I’m Vera”

“That’s a lovely name.” I smiled. “Sound like a name of a Nollywood star.”

She laughed softly and stared at me straight in the eyes.

“Are you a movie star?” I asked

“No, i’m not.” She said

“You are model i guess?”

She shook her head. “No”

I glanced at her. “Wow, you’re beautiful, the finest thing i’ve ever set my eyes on.”

She smiled. “Thanks.”

“Actually, i’m heading to Cavandas Hotel. There is a show there tonight.” I said


“Yeah, a big one. Wizkid will be performing there, Tiwa Sawage, D’banj, and whole lot of artists.”

“Wow.” She said. “It will be a whole night of fun.”

“Yeah, but it wont be much fun without a beautiful like lady you by my side.” I smiled. “Will you like to come?”

She gave me a soft smile. “Yeah, i will like to.”

I was surprised, i felt very happy inside me. “That’s cool.”

I parked my car behind a Rolls Royce as we arrived at the hotel.

“Ladies and gentlemen, i present to you, the one and only  2baba.”

“Care for a drink?” I asked

“Soft drink” She said softly.

The presenter continued. “Give it up for Tuface Idibiaaaaaa!.”

“That’s my favorite artist.” I said

“I like him.” Vera smiled.

“Put your hands in the air.” Tuface screamed. “Nothing dey happen, my people one love.”

When Tuface started singing, the whole crowd were screaming, waving up their hands and dancing. I  stood up shaking my body, feeling very happy. Vera sat down nodding her head to the beat.

“Stand up let’s dance.” I drew Vera up, holding her waist as were dancing. I felt like i was dancing with Rihanna.

When tuface finished performing, i held her firm, i felt like kissing her, but instead, i released my arms gently from her waist.

“Are you ready!!!” T he presenter screamed. “I hereby present to you, ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together, for the finest, funniest, Basket mouth!!!”

I joined the crowd screaming. “Yeah!!!”

Basket mouth came on stage.  He wore a black t-shirt and a blue jean.

“I don tired for Nollywood.” Basket mouth said. “How can a ghost fall down while chasing someone? Only in Nollywood that someone will die with an Afro and his spirit will come back with low cut. Abi Barbing salon dey that side?”

“Hehehehehehe.” Vera laughed. “This guy is too funny.”

“He’s one of the reason i came to this show.” I said laughing.

“You take picture inside Rangerover Sport, Infinity, Bently, BMW X6, then you want your boyfriend to believe you’r not cheating. ARE U A MECHANIC?” Basket mouth continued. “Your boyfriend should not be your source of income. My dear it’s a relationship, not a job opportunity.”

Wizkid came on stage after Basket mouth, and started entertaining the crowd.

“It’s time for me to go home.” Vera said.

I checked at my watch. “Baby it’s late outside.”

“I know but i have to be going.” She said with a soft smile.

“Ok, let’s go, let me drop you at home.” I said, nodding my head to the music.


“Where exactly do you live?” I asked as we drove out of the place.

“Unity road.” She said.

“Ok” I gave her a soft smile. ” Can i have you phone number?”

Vera stared out of the car silently, and pointed her finger. “I will drop at the next junction.”

I rolled my car to a stop. To my greatest surprise it was front of a cemetery. “Are you sure you want to drop here?” I asked.


“Look Vera, i am sorry if i…..ok forget about the number, let me drop you at home please.”

She stared at me for a long  moment. “Dayo, you are a nice man.” She said. “But i am sorry, i have to go, this is where i belong.”

“What.” I was shocked. “You mean you…”

“Goodbye Dayo.” She smiled and disappeared.

“JESUS.” I shouted.

I felt a hard cold allover my body, i turned my car in full speed, and drove off. I couldn’t believe my eyes, i never knew i was dealing  with a ghost.













14 thoughts on “A Night With Vera” by Harry Enomamien (@Silvadereal)

  1. Dayo must have been picking all sorts on that road, now he picked a ghost. hope Vera’s spirit doesn’t come back to hurt you sha. Nice story. I was engrossed and forgot I wasn’t seeing a Nollywood movie. keep it up.

    1. Laffsss…..Thank you so much.

  2. Hahahaha basket mouth got me cracked up. Cool write up.

    Keep on writing.

    1. Thanks for reading

  3. I think it’s now time for Dayo, to desist from that act of helping babs by the road side….

    1. Thanks for reading

  4. Chai Dayo!!, be careful who you pick by the road. Ma God a ghost!!!.
    Tuface and basket mouth even ghosts love you O.

    1. Hahahaha….Thanks for dropping by.


  5. Yes, its quite funny and all, but it got me thinking “what if she didn’t feel he was a nice man?” hmmm… Rough play.

    1. Thanks for reading.


  6. I don’t know which one is more worse in a funny way those: the fact that Vera jumped into his car that fast, or that the guy won’t quit with his dried jokes or the fact that you, oga writer forgot that your “I”s should always be capitalized.

    Lol… so far, I’m loving it. The whole concert scene, you have it knocked in my head.
    Here, “Basket mouth came on stage. He wore a black t-shirt and a blue jean.” You didn’t describe what 2face was wearing when he came on stage, I didn’t see the need in telling us what basket mouth was wearing either. It sounded off in a way… maybe its in my head.

    Wait, is no one else bothered by this Vera of a girl? So far, she just dey accept anything the bros throw at her… I’m sure there is more. I will continue reading now.

    HAHAHAHA okay. So Vera is a ghost. I was not convinced though. “I felt a hard cold allover my body, i turned my car in full speed, and drove off. I couldn’t believe my eyes, i never knew i was dealing with a ghost.” was too rushed. I’m sure he was shocked to his freaking bones, but you didn’t show us those feelings. Its as vera came and said.. “Hey, I’m a ghost, bye.”

    You could have wrote more of Dayo driving and as he’s getting closer to a dead end destination, he starts to get scared. He had to ask Vera to reassure him of the address she gave him. With her not responding because she know she’s a ghost, the readers will start to feel like okay so whats going on here? She no get house? abi na street she dey sleep? then you hit us with the ghost thing! Basically, we needed more suspense for this piece to come alive.

    I’m glad you took this ghost story route sha. Thank God they didn’t end up in bed first.

    Nice story, hope I didn’t talk too much. Its all part of the transformation.

  7. @ufuomaotebele Thank you so much. Much appreciated.

  8. Some of your tenses were off and you sort of jumped from scene to scene without transition but The general story line is great and like @ufuomaotebele said that end part needed some work so that the shock could hit the readers

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