A Lost Cause

A Lost Cause

Steering my ship in the unfriendly waters of time

Having to navigate the deadly torrents

The currents became fiercer as the waves rose which made my heart flutter

Looking at the treasures at the shore and on the coastal plains through my spy glass, all looked within sights but out of reach

Little did I know that the nonstop torrential rains would produce an alluvion of events, some I wished never happened

With lightning continuously striking my ship at her base, the weather seemed to make my navigation traverse

My ship being torn apart by lightning and water rush in through the inlets like a Niagara

The lifeboats came to play to save the little I’ve got left in my sinking ship while I was completely oblivious of the fact that there was a rock in front of me as I barged into it

With all lost in the waters of time and trying to focus on saving my ownself, I found myself in no man’s land right in the valleys and all I could think of were the treasures my arms were too short to reach

I sat on the floor to reminisce on how everything happened in a flash

I couldn’t comprehend, I was devoid of answers

Trying to figure out what next to do, I found a compass in my left pocket borne out of the generosity of my old ship…at least she remembered to leave me a compass.

With poverty and uncertainties howling like wolves in the valleys of desperation and it seemed I was in the darkest phase of my life

I started running so I shouldn’t be devoured by these wolves but little did I know I was running in a circle right in the middle of the maze which leads to living the life I’ve always imagined

Suddenly the words of this wise man came to me, ” I won’t cry to God like a baby but instead, I’ll ask him to give me a lever and a fulcrum and I will move the world.”

Only then did I realize my destiny was in my own hands.


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  1. Creative composition with a prosaic rendition.

    Nice one.

    Keep on writing.

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