Life At The Georges’ Chapter 10

Alrighty! Hi there guys. Sorry I haven’t been posted anything for a few months. Due to the devastation I faced due to jasmines’ wedding, I got hit by a delivery van whilst I was crossing the road. It knocked me into a 4month long coma. I wouldn’t exactly blame the driver though, because instead of concentrating on the road, I was busy thinking about how her husband will rip of her wedding gown when they get home and scratch that kitty.
That’s what made me think of the last scene that I recorded in the previous episode. Oh! That so didn’t happen. If I hear say pesinkon hook the husband with pregnancy. They are happily married. Anyways, the whole jasmine thingy ended immediately I was hit. Im currently crushing on the nurse I saw when I first opened my eyes after four months. Her face was like heavens’ gate.
There wasn’t exactly any coffee shop or Chinese restaurant to take a girl to while you are strapped to an IV machine. A lot of things have changed though. Adejoke’s breasts are bigger, like unripe orange big. Before, it was just agbalumo big. Mum is still everly fine. Dad is well, dad. He mustn’t just know the real reason I had the accident or he will send me to a life-long coma. DEATH!!! Aderemi was still her extremely heartless being. She was certainly happy that I was awake but she didn’t fail to tell me and I quote “guy, did you have to carry my Ipad with you to cross, I couldn’t finish my teen wolf season” and I’m like, “God, did you have to reincarnate jezebel into our family”
Well, to say the truth, I missed her wahala. It’s a whole lot better than lying still for four months and eating through drip, Nasty stuff! This is a warning to boys, when you are crushing on a taken girl, DON’T CROSS THE ROAD AT ALL. The horns of the cars will play a trick on you. They sound like wedding hymns and you find yourself waltzing alone into a coma, broken skull, ripped out spine and fractured thoracic vertebrae.
Anyways, this was a month ago. Everything is back to normal. I’m in school, Remi is in school, mum should probably be in work and dad should at the moment be transplanting a person’s kidney. Well, it was going normal until I received a text on my phone that read “DAPO YOU NEED TO COME HOME NOW, JOKE IS MISSING”.
“JESUS!” I screamed when I saw it *by the way, this is the first time I would use Jesus as my exclamation. Its usually F**K! or F**K! but this is my sisters life, I can’t afford to offend the Big Guy.
“What’s the problem Dapo?” my roommate, Bunmi asked *this is not a time to be judgey. Bunmi is a guy’s name. I’m trying to be serious here.
“I just received a very scary text message” I replied while pacing around the room and trying to make a call in a frantic manner. “Damn this network!” I screamed as I threw the phone on the bed and threw my hands over my head. I didn’t have airtime. I would’ve borrowed from the network but that’s quite impossible considering the fact that I owe the network 400 naira each on both my sim cards.
The pacing increased and this time I was trying to see if I was dreaming or not. I didn’t even pay attention to Bunmi who was clearly concerned and asking a lot of questions. I on the other hand was trying to figure out if I was dreaming. I read somewhere that you can’t count your fingers in a dream. I tried counting mine. Guess what? I could frigging count them.
“hmmmm, Bums, can I borrow your phone?” I said now clearly terrified.
“No! Not until you tell me what’s going on” he said with a very concerned look *frankly, if not for the seriousness of the situation, I would’ve mocked his face. He has this very visible moustache that makes him look like Herbert Macaulay when he is serious
“I just received a very scary text message, that’s all” I replied.
“Is it from the Doctor?” he asked still with that Herbert Macaulay look.
“Yes it’s from him” I replied looking away from his face and resisting the urge to punch that ridiculous face.
“What’s the problem na.guy, follow me talk?” he asked
“It’s private. I’m not sure about it sef” I replied as I snatched his phone from his hands
“Wait oh….Dapo! don’t tell me you have HIV AIDS oh” he said as the look got stronger and punch deserving
I had to pause for a moment when I heard what he said. “AIDS? What will give u that impression?” I asked with a stunned face
“You did the test last week remember? And you haven’t gotten the result. When I asked who texted you, you said it was the doctor” he replied with a very confused tone.
“No ode! The doctor is my dad. When you said the doctor, I assumed you were talking about him. Besides, who sends a medical result through text message” I screamed with irritation. *besides, if I have HIV, you shouldn’t share sharp objects with your sister again* I thought to myself.
The call eventually went through and as it was ringing, my heart was beating so fast that I thought that my heart will literally burst out of my chest. If you could listen carefully, one could rap to my heart beat.
“hello, who is this” dad said when he picked up the call
“… Dapo” I said with so much anxiety
“Oh! Dapo, you got my message. Don’t panic, just come home and we will figure it out. I have paid in money to your account. Take the next available flight to Lagos” he said with a jittery voice. That made me really scared because dad never jitters. He’s like the Hulk of the house.
“Okay sir. I will do just that. But dad, how did it happen? How do you know she’s missing?” I asked
“I received a text on my phone. Some people say they have her so at this point, it is safe to say that she was kidnapped, not missing” he explained. “I have to go now son, please get home as soon as you can” he said as he hung up the line.
I got home 6hours later. The house was the farthest from cheerful. Mum was crying, Dad was at the police station. Aderemi was writing her exams so she couldn’t come home. However, it was a really sad time. Seeing my mum devastated like that was the worse sight ever. She went from looking like salmahayek to looking like patience ozokwor. It was that bad.
I tried to be the man so I didn’t shed a tear.
After some hours, dad came home looking very stressed. He must have searched the nook and cranny of Lekki for her.
“Honey, any news?” mum asked with a crying tone
“Yes. Just one that is going to terrify all of you” he replied with a very sad and scared expression.
“What is it dad? What is it?” I screamed
He told us to come together and he played a video of Adejoke in an empty container shouting “DAD! MOM! HELP ME!” and she started crying. That kind of boosted my mother’s cry. She entered another gear. I think gear four
“where did you get this video dad?” I asked, obviously terrified
“it was an attachment to an email I received minutes ago. They told me that if I showed the police, they will kill her” he said with his hands shaking
“WHAT DO THEY WANT? WANT DO THEY WANT WITH HER?” my mum screamed incessantly
“They want a surgical operation to go wrong. They sent a picture of the person” he replied
“in other words, they want you to kill someone on the operating table. Hmmmmm, who is the person” I asked with a fear clouded voice

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