Getting Lucky with a Charm


Since time immemorial, people across the world have strived to boost their lot in life by purchasing, choosing or creating a good luck charm, an object that is imbued with a magical, spiritual or meaningful presence that can guide and influence one’s fate for the better. Despite the fact that no one really knows whether or not these charms truly work on a magical level or if instead they act as a placebo on the mind of the holder, making them subconsciously do things that would likely provide positive outcomes, millions across the world attest to the boost in luck these charms can provide.

Good luck charms can take practically any form. Traditional charms have included coins, horseshoes or the obvious four-leafed-cloved of Irish lore, but any item that one feels a ‘bond’ with; that is, items that have accompanied the holder during a trial, obstacle or difficult moment; can and should be used. The more personal the item, the more positive power will be exuded.

In the study of Feng Shui, charms are used to enhance the directions of work, sleep, wealth, family etc, weakening bad (shar) chi and strengthening good chi. For Feng Shui practicioners, charms include the mystic knot, a charm created by tying six figure of eight knots together, or fu dogs, carvings and statuettes of oriental-styled canines that are placed outside of the entrance to one’s home, protecting from theft and crime. In the art, charms can also be combined; finding a coin covered in knots is common in China.

Having your very own good luck charm is a pretty good idea, especially when one takes into account the myriad uses of the lucky little pieces. Going for that big job interview? Wear your lucky socks or underwear to give you an extra boost of confidence. Lots of gamblers also entrust their fortunes to good luck charms, though don’t worry; if you prefer the online to the bricks-and-mortar based equivalent, the luck of a good luck charm is around us all the time, so if you enjoy a game over at springbokcasino, as supposed to the MGM Grand, even your web-based blackjack excitement will be covered by your charm.

Where to place or wear your charm is very much up to you. You may wish, if you have a small, attachable item, to use it as a pendant for a necklace. Perhaps you’d like to keep it extra save, hidden away in your sock! The choice is entirely up to you, and the charm’s effects will work wherever you choose to locate it!

2 thoughts on “Getting Lucky with a Charm” by adlaw (@adlawceo)

  1. Wao! I guess my own charm is just the in depth belief that I have GOD and that works always.
    Try it too, if you don’t have one… and if you think you have one, try JESUS… the biggest and most timely efficient and accurate charm in the universe.
    @adlawceo, I’ll like to read more from you.

  2. yes o! I concur with @levuz JESUS is my good-luck charm. HE never fail me

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