Game Over

Game Over

Maybe he did lie. The reverend did lie. All those sermons about Jehovah’s great love,maybe they were cooked or just another version of seasoned fallacy, and the bible is just a textbook straight out of the middle age. Maybe, churches are really just walls; projects founded by men who really only wanted to ‘invest’. Maybe… But it doesn’t matter anymore. It wouldn’t.

“Eva. Let the good Lord guide you” those were Mama’s last words. Words no one remembers; no one except me. Looking back now, it was like begging me to walk through a furnace or chant “to God be the glory” in a chimney, because I used to be a ‘runs girl’-a prostitute. I was too beautiful….too sexy to be dormant, my eyes caused men to fall, my hair-shiny black and silky, words, I mean words conveyed by my sweet sonorous voice could make a man forget his age. But I obeyed, I went to church on Sundays even though the sermons never really got to me. I became one of the beings taking a seat at the pew.

I followed Mama’s seemed-absurd advice and served in the church, my all did I give. I gave what I had, my body. It was the choir coord first. Ah! Eva. I took him in my late mother’s room;the deaconess’ room. “Eva. You can’t tell anyone what just happened” he pleaded after we had it.

But I never learnt to lie. So the next week he was out of the church. But I stayed, I had to. The reverend was my father. He covered me-or him. The choir coord wasn’t the last. “I am Eva. Men answer to me”

The post-mortem did say i died of AIDS, but the truth…i died in sin. I stood at the gate of fury as the doctors declared me dead and Yahweh pronounced my sentence. If only I could go back….But I
knew, game over.

6 thoughts on “Game Over” by adeosun adams (@Mezzyadamz)

  1. c’est finis! For the wages of sin is death………

  2. I wish you give us the male version of this story for a balance.i could hear some guys saying,’good for the ladies’.nice story

    1. Abi o @himalone waiting for the male version…Nice piece

  3. This is good, Game Over for real. @ufuomaotebele check this out its a short story but deep

    1. tsk… touchy.
      I’m not 100% feeling how the author wrote this though. Yes the whole package was there. The story made sense but it was some what rushed.

      I don’t know but I feel something is missing.

  4. -It sure has a Jehovah’s witness feel. Well,that aside,
    1.You had too many full stops which could have been replaced with commas. The full stops created too many break as i tried reading.
    -The semi-colons could be replaced with dashes(-)
    2. Your third and forth Paragraphs were off, its hard connecting them to the main story.(why did it have to be her mother’s room? Baba, since when runs girls start to talk truth? And her father did know about it and sent him out, what’s the guarantee that the choir coord wasn’t going to blow both Daughter and Father’s cover?)
    3.You funked the whole story at the last paragraph. Would this be a biography or Autobiography?! considering its a dead person writing?!


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