The Physics teacher is explaining something about convergent rays. My mind keeps churning, it cannot keep still.

Onyinye, My heart and soul are convergent upon you. They collide and form a sharp edge, like cupid’s arrow. I will fire them into your heart, love. Straight into your heart…


I hear my name from a distance. I choose not to answer, for my eyes are beholding the wonders of creation; the beauty that is Onyinye.
Onyinye, even your name melts on the tongue. Like butter…like ice…


This time the voices are many, like the combined chants of 300 warriors. I smile at the thought of warriors, fighting tooth and nail for a prize, a worthy cause… like Onyinye.
Onyinye, I’ll do anything for you. I’ll cross the ocean for you. I’ll go and bring you the moon…


I’m suddenly jolted by the landing of a cane on my back. More than a few pairs of eyes stare at me like I were some alien.
Mr Umoru looks like he’s going to tear me in half.
‘Si…sir?’ I manage to say.
He hasn’t recovered from his rage. I decide to give him time.
Onyinye, your skin-deep beauty makes me…


I jump out of my seat in fear. Mr Umoru’s hands are swift, as he releases biting lashes on my back.

Fiam! Fiam!..

I scream. The class bursts out laughing, Onyinye too is laughing. My heart breaks.
‘You. Fool. I’ve. Been. Asking. You. A. question. For. The. Past. Five. Minutes.’ Mr Umoru says as he flogs my back with his cane, each swipe embodying each word.
‘Sir! Sir!’ I’m trying hard to hold back my tears. He finally stops, looks me in the eye and says:
‘What is a convergent ray?’
I do not know when it falls out of my mouth:


14 thoughts on “Fantasy” by Ife Olujuyigbe (@ifekleva)

  1. hahahahahahaha another meaning for convergent ray is onyinye. cant stop laughing. nice one there!

    1. =D
      Thanks Aderonke.

  2. Funny and nice.i could hear the roar of laughter from the class.

    1. Lol. Thank you, Ebuka.

  3. Crush tins owwwww. :-) :-) :-) :-)

  4. Hahahahaha interesting and hilarious

  5. I just can’t stop laughing. This is brilliant. This is exactly how a flash fiction should look like.

    One thing, though, is that Kingsley, as he stares at Onyinye, is lost in deep thought a little too much, beyond normal that he is vaguely aware of the teacher’s question for the past few minutes. This kind of behaviour from him would have been more appropriate, and indeed more realistic if he were actually dreaming.

    All the same, it is a good concept. I’d love to read more works like this.

    1. Wow! Very detailed analysis. Thanks Emmanuel.
      Point noted.

  6. lmaooooooooooo!!!!!!!! YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!!! and I thought i wrote good comedy stories lol

    1. Hihihi…
      I’m glad it made you laugh. About being crazy, that makes two of us. :p

  7. Hehehe. Onyiye don crush my guy. Good job.

  8. Lmaooo oh the poor boy got lashes and also exposed himself all in the same day will his esteem recover lol!

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