We Die to Live

Slowly, the curtain will fall,
Slowly, the sun will fade
And darkness will loom
Upon our souls.

Loudly, voices will wail
And vent out their grief
Harshly, teeth will gnash
And sing about their loss.

But soon, the tears will stop,
Save for a little trickle;
Slowly, the cries will cease,
Save a lone whimper.

Then silence will ring
And memories will reign
In the minds of all,
Memories good or bad.

Though we will all die,
We’d be alive yet a while;
Strong in thoughts and minds
Of many living souls

We’d all be remembered
With either roses or curses,
But then it all depends
On our deeds and acts!

2 thoughts on “We Die to Live” by Edydeyemi (@edydeyemi)

  1. Nduka Ekeh (@NdukAfro)

    Indeedy, death we must
    After our days be done
    And long after we be gone
    Our deeds determine how we live on

    Well penned.

  2. @EDYDEYEMI. True talk, good poem well done.

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