Dark fantasies 18

As a young girl Chioma had always been reticent, she loved her books and always scored high in school, it was no surprise when she took after her father to study medicine.

Jonathan was her senior in high school, they lived in the same neighborhood and he tutored her, though she didn’t need it she made that as an excuse to spend time with him, she was in love with him and hoped that he would fall for her too.

The day she gave herself to him willingly he was drunk and later apologised profusely, he stopped tutoring her and avoided her. Though she was hurt she put up a brave front and lived through it all, until he graduated and left her with a broken heart full of unrequited love, Goke had come into her life and for a while she thought she could finally forget Jonathan until she saw him locking lips with Emily in her sitting room, she left him but he begged his way back, but Emily had moved to England to school, he couldn’t get her out of his mind and finally they ended up together.

Jonathan returned her and hopes flew up again, she was happy Goke was with Emily, but as soon as Jonathan set his eyes on Emily he fell for her and was able to walk his way into her heart, she left Goke for Jonathan who proposed to her.

Her broken heart broke further, she could no longer take it and moved to Nigeria.

There too they did not spare her, Emily’s dad had passed away and her mother had moved back home and decided to hold their wedding in Nigeria, she found herself helping Emily plan a wedding with the only man she had ever loved in her life, Emily’s enthusiasm drove her crazy but she endured.

Both Emily’s parent and Jonathan’s parents thought it will be a great idea to have a traditional wedding, she watched Emily dressed in a bridal dress and give wine to Jonathan when she’d rather be the one.

Traditionally they were married and the plans for their white wedding was in full swing, she was the chief bridesmaid.

A day to the wedding when celebrations were going on she could take no more and went to get fresh air.

She had no idea she was crying till Jonathan asked her, she was startled to see him.

‘What are you doing here? She asked gazing at him.

‘Nothing.’ He said sitting close to her, ‘why are you crying? He asked and wiped her face gently, his touch was electrifying and she moved back.

‘I’m just missing my mom.’ She lied, how could she tell him that she loved him and he was hurting her terribly by marrying her best friend.

‘I’m sorry about that.’ He said and hugged her, she released herself and said. ‘I’m alright thanks.’

‘I have a small problem.’ Jonathan said.

‘What is it?

‘Please can you tell me how my tux looks on me.’

‘Your tux?

‘I know, it’s weird heh, but I don’t want to let Emily down, I want to look perfect and the guys are wasted, they can’t be of any help.’

‘Ok.’ She sighed and followed him on foot to his hotel room, when he pulled of his clothes to try on his tux her eyes couldn’t leave his body, after she assured him that he looked perfect, the tux was replaced in it’s bag and he hugged her, when he pulled away she was crying.

‘Did I hurt you? He asked.

‘No.’ She nodded and headed out but he caught her hand and dragged her into his arms.

‘You’re beautiful, always been.’ He said and he kissed her, she couldn’t help herself as tirade of emotions supressed for years washed over her and she surrendered.

It was not like the first time, it was better and even when Jonathan apologised again she wasn’t angry, she wore her clothes and disappeared into the night.

The following day she saw Emily in her wedding gown looking angelic.

‘Where were you? She asked and Chioma who was not used to lying was flustered, I, I was at home she stuttered.

‘Ok, oh no.’

What happened?

‘The flowers died.’ She said holding limp flowers.

‘Its a bad a omen.’ One of their friends who had flown down said.

‘Chioma please get me another, I have to hold fresh flowers.’

‘Ok, I will meet you at the Church.’


When Chioma got the church she met the other bridesmaids and they claimed that Emily said that she would come with her.

They waited and waited for the bride who did not show up, when it was obvious that Emily was not coming Jonathan got mad and upturned the church throwing and breaking everything he laid his hands on, he cried in his mother’s arms muttering ‘I love her.’

Her heart sunk to see him in that state, but he did not remember she had warmed his bed the previous night, all he thought about was Emily.

Chioma did not see Emily again till a year later at her doorstep, she had moved in with her and she asked no questions.

Then one day Emily decided to introduce her to her boyfriend David, it turned out to be her boyfriend too and she saw history repeating itself though Emily apologised and broke up with him, she had entered it in her journal as a traumatic experience bringing back hurtful memories of the past.



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    2. This one na “do me I do u”, good job @AMEENAEDREES

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  2. a beautiful twist to the story. Chioma chioma! i still wonder how women do this to themselves na.

    1. Dem go say na love.
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  3. omg! so Emily is just as we presumed she was before. Chioma had to sacrifice her love for John just so Emily can have him and when she had him, she messed it all up! I dy fear this Emily oo has she really changed???

    1. @ufuomaotebele you know say Jona did not love chioma in return baa and Emily did not know about chioma’s feelings either.
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      1. Oh shit! I miss 17????? Lemme run there now.

  4. I was skeptical at first, but I think I can reason with Chioma now…

    1. Yeah me too @praize , repressed emotions can be strong when they are released, she might have thought “one last time” then she was caught.
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  5. Fate!!! Chioma hmmmm. Don’t worry,it will smile on u later

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