A Child’s Dilemma

A Child’s Dilemma

A little palm print on a white wall,

Stark and loud the imprint was,

My little dirty hand stained the snow white wall,

The more I tried to rub it off,more it stained,

Long and hard I had stood there looking,

The longer I looked the more curious I got,

My young and childish mind wondered at it,

It started with the touch of a little finger,

And the little mark screamed and jumped at me,

It cried of blemishing a clean wall,

And begged to be quickly fixed,

Lest the master happened upon it,

And the justice of the rod swiftly follow,

I took one swipe with still dirty hands,

And knew I was enmeshed in deeper,

I wiped my tears and furiously swiped at it,

My face and the wall stained the brown of filth,

When at last I stilled my troubled soul,

I felt a gentle hand upon my sobbing shoulder,

And heard a voice that had been watching me,

And sobbing I recounted my little ordeal,

And gentle was the rebuke that followed,

Not that I had strayed in my curiosity,

Nor that the white was now a mess,

But that I had tried to clean it alone,

And waiting he had for my soul to still,

And taking my little hands in his,

Together we painted a new coat of white,

I’m looking at a snow white wall,

And my child’s mind is getting curious,

Forgotten already is the stain of before,

behind me still he stands patiently waiting..

2 thoughts on “A Child’s Dilemma” by yankyaa terkaa (@tezzndi)

  1. @TEZZNDI. Nice one, made me remember my childhood when I had similar situations. Lol

  2. I like the fluidity, the flow of thoughts. Simple and fun to read.

    Keep on writing.

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