Wait Till You Are Dead

Wait Till You Are Dead

A race for tomorrow to live far from sorrow
A chance to discover the quintessence of life
We fight daily against forces of different levels
Armed with the knowledge that our demons differ from each other
We each appreciate another’s race knowing our goals’ differ
To scale through walls, climb mountains
Swim through rivers of different depth while being pulled by everything
Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed but yet we work for it like it is
Demons get stronger and evil carries a new look to get us down
Yet we live knowing life is beautiful
There is the laughter of the new born, the joy of a new born
The cheers of the crowd after a goal is scored
The fulfillment from meal, the hug from a friend
The drops of rain on a sunny day, the shade that comes when the sun scotches
We live for the dream, though we forget nightmares are dreams too
To see the world, Things dangerous to come to
To see behind walls, to draw closer to find each other and
To feel that is the purpose of life
There is zeal to plot revenge for an enemy, to help God out
We want to laugh at a friend turned enemy
A chance to mock those who mocked us
To turn away one who never believed in us
But while waste time plotting for an enemy
Live your life to the fullest, laugh at the little things of life
Enjoy the scenes and sights of the city
Find time to travel, break your cycle, and meet with friends
Form a family, kiss the wind, and score a goal
For the enemies and hateful, wait till you are dead
Let your accomplishment take care of them

5 thoughts on “Wait Till You Are Dead” by Ogbole Samson (@ogbolesamson)

  1. Well… dunno where to place this

  2. Samson, were you a part of any spoken-word competition that took place this year?

    1. @geerian – just saying live a meaningful life, live positively and not be drawn back by the evils that persist, worry about that at death (worry about nothing) @six not at all Sir

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