Sonnet: Year’s End

We’re sorry for all we have said and done.
Of the past; of the things that are now gone.
We recant our vices of the last year,
We resent, repent, perhaps shed a tear.
We look toward the future and we see,
The year ahead is the best we will be
Convinced of this, we join the merriment
Yuletide songs we sing in accompaniment.
But after the partying and after the booze,
After the countdown we watch on the news,
The slightest offence from any we may get
Is turned to, faced square, and is easily met
With curses, as we take down Christmas lights;
Resolutions forgotten, we resume our petty fights.

14 thoughts on “Sonnet: Year’s End” by anak adrian (@anakadrian)

  1. LO …….See the inspiration!!!!!!!………

    Nice one bro

  2. Loving this…well done @anakadrian

  3. after all the new years resolution, we resume our petty fights… to me, the year is never ending. always the same. we are still stuck in 2013 and the previous years before it…

    Nice poem.

  4. spot on Anak. reality in words

  5. @anakadrian nice poem love the way you used poetry to rubbish all the new year resolutions we always make but never keep.

    1. Yes oh, of botching new-year resolutions even me sef dey guilty.

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