A Series Of Lies (1)

Lies everywhere
Lies everywhere

They say a smile is a curve
that sets everything straight

They lie

Does the mouth not twitch
Do the cheeks not contort
When lips part to reveal the gum
In an act of smile?

When the lips part
But conceal the hurt in the heart
And the teeth clasp so tight
The tongue’s teary tale is swallowed up
And the heat of the head
Or the hate being hid
Is bottled up in the circus of a smile
(The bomb will let in, someday)
Does a smile save for then?

Lies everywhere
Lies everywhere

5 thoughts on “A Series Of Lies (1)” by MegaCrowns (@ambersphere)

  1. Straight to the point. Very good.

  2. I love the idea of a poetic series, I’m really following this…

  3. “When lips part to reveal the gum
    In an act of smile?”
    awesome and so so true!

  4. The contortion in the world. Ah!

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