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What is it about all these fight here and kill there (I just want to believe it’s not a Nigerian thing). It was said long ago and even now that when two Elephants fights, the grass suffer, and that today has become the fate of the common Nigerian. We have lost count of our problems, so much of it yet we walk around as if nothing has gone awry. (I love our adaptive nature to hard times) but we need to make things better, you know?

But come to think of it, our problems are incalculable; affecting only the poor and our leaders does little or nothing to help our situation, though most of the times it is beyond them. We the citizens at times does not help matters as we most of the times constitute the nuisance that backfires.(It’s very painful)

Below are some of the major beasts (problems) in Nigeria which we live with at a time which only a few country can survive or smile at it, yet we are smiling.

Religious Crisis


Terrorrism (Insurgency)

Bad Leadership

Corruption- Robbery, Prostitution, Bribery E.T.C

….and to crown it all, the invasion of the deadly Ebola virus which storms us after the arrival of the deceased Patrick, son of Sawyer from Liberia. I really commend Nigeria for the great battle against the virus which is not Nigeria like, though that Nigerian thing was still there as some Leaders found it an opportunity to embezzle, they claimed a thousand naira been used in the fight when not up to a hundred naira was spent. (Amechi !) (Who knows tomorrow).

Nigeria, we really need to raise our black head and sing with our uppermost voice “Arise oh Compatriot” but before that I ask “Which way Nigeria?”

Nigerian thing, whenever it seems we are getting used to a problem, another storms;

Ok, I heard it was colonization, slavery, civil war, then religious crisis, bad leadership and at this point I saw corruption, Militancy, and to crown it all terrorism which we are battling with till the dangerous Ebola stroked, perhaps, it was here to take its turn, maybe it heard that we accommodate all (Home for all) but “NO!” she (Nigeria) said, and I shouted “Virtually!, nothing can kill the Nigerian, even Ebola virus” someone laughed.

Nigeria, Africa highest economy (She is happy), African country with the poorest citizen (she assumes she never heard that) yet it’s true (That’s Nigerian thing). 150 million people, more than 100 million suffering… Everydays’ prayer remains the same (God for the needy and less privileged we pray, Our Father…) Hahaha, sounds funny?

Mr. Boko, tell us the truth, Government if you also know the truth please let us know, because if not to me, to many you are a suspect. Where is the CHIBOK girls, tell us or better still tell us there is no such thing and let us save our tears, though I know that if it is a lie, by now you must have been tired (Let me don’t guess) so just in case, tell us they all escaped and none is remaining in Sambisa Forest. Hahaha… I am sorry I said so but we are fed up.

Mr. Politician, are you and your men impersonating Mr. Boko who had gone to sleep? Or are you financing Mr. Boko who didn’t plan so much or even being the Boko who is not in existence “Please!” you know what I mean…

Mr. Citizen, take your time, pray for them all, but tell me the truth, if you are offered One million to drop your one naira lifestyle and lead Mr. Boko’s way, I know you will, will you?, Ok you will better join than lead the way? Alright, you will think about it twice, Right? And if care is not taken you will do more than required, tell me it’s a lie please. Anyway, Let us reject it.

Mr. Clergyman, I never deny the fact that you pray for the poor, that you preach Heaven, that you want the good for all, but tell me you don’t have special eye for the rich, tell me you gave the same time visiting both the poor and the rich, tell me that you know their faces; those that are poor as much as the rich, tell me that the girls are safe and I will call you a Clergy.


“Nigeria we hail thee” this we long to hear again because for years the compatriots keeps arising (Arise oh compatriots) yet our head is never high to be noticed.

Please save us a good name and we will want to live.

I ask Mum “Who wants us dead?” “Boko” she cried.

I ask Dad “Why the suffering?” “Bad leaders” he lamented.

I ask Brother “Which way?” “Any how” he barked and I saw a heart broken and a mind hard with zeal to make it big.

Sister is not interested; she wants to go to school, she wants to learn to read and write… “I hope she writes them down” (The Nigerian Things).

“This is serious” I reasoned

Who will bail the cat? Or should we wait for the second coming.

Oh! We really need a change and we must play a part.

Things are happening, and confused we are; whether it is real or not. Sometimes I want to believe it is not,  just like that fateful day when Mrs. First Lady addressed her fellow widows, but to be realistic; it is real just as OBJ on a good day was in the state of kamkpe.

 Nigeria, it’s like a dream but we must wake up and face it as a reality which it is, or go on with the unending dreams….

….now and till Christ comes again.

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