The Nature of Secrets

The Nature of Secrets

In me I hold a secret

A deep dark thing

A thing that threatens to ooze out of me in public places

I fear its existence and thus keep silent

I’m certain the world has taken notice

They see my change

They prod, they inquire

I don’t speak

For fear that this secret may leak

It’s nothing that can end the world as we know it


It’s enough to shatter my own

So I keep it in

Hoping to never betray myself

Like I almost did that once…

When they turned to me to cipher my words

They stared with inquiring eyes, determined to squeeze out the truth

I sarcastically and quietly muttered


“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

6 thoughts on “The Nature of Secrets” by ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

  1. Nice…you’ll find that keeping a secret is like taking on a heavy burden.

  2. Wao,its good to keep secrets but its tempting most times

  3. At times the hardest secrets to keep are our own secrets definetly burdens and temptations. Thanx for reading

  4. “…Wouldn’t you like to know…”

    I can imagine a smug grin on your face as you wrote this @Ivie9ja. Indeed, they can ask all they like. The secret stays put.

    Good one there.

  5. @anakadrian heehee lol if you can see my grin then I know I wrote this correctly. Thanx for reading :-)

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