Love is a gentle caring,
a quiet concern
deeply hidden in the heart.
A presence always felt
everyday, every minute, every hour.
Love is a gentle embrace.
body and soul.
A quiet touch of the hand,
a soft hug by warm arms,
a caress of two souls.
Love is a great passion
two hungry hearts.
The intimate exchange
mind,body and soul.
Love is always caring
always growing,
always being there.
Love is a wonderful gift.
by two blessed souls,
experiencing Heaven on earth.

8 thoughts on “Love.” by Deborah Ekechukwu (@Jesusmyhope)

  1. YES!!!!!! preach it! I got the feeling!!

    Oh love, love love love,
    you are kind
    your are beautiful
    you’ve touched hearts
    you’ve healed souls
    you’ve become mine

    Beautiful poem!

    1. *Observing in 3D*

        1. Hmmmm I have got my eyes on you both @ufuomaotebele @anakadiran *Ultra HD*

    2. Thank you sister!!! @ufuomaotebele
      I will keep proclaiming it!
      Love! Love! Love!
      The greatest force and emotion in the universe!

  2. Omila (@oriaifo-donald)

    Beautiful poem about the Beautiful Feeling.
    I really like the first four lines.

    1. Thanks @oriafo-donald

  3. love is beautiful when with the right heart, it could go sour when found in a hopeless heart.

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