His Highness (19)

His Highness (19)

Folasade was taking a walk around the compound with her servant Dayo and she noticed the compound was busy maids were moving about rushing to get somewhere.

“What is going on? Everyone seems to be very busy today, do you know why?” she asked Dayo

“No I don’t my lady, let me ask someone.” Dayo answered, she stopped a maid who was carrying a basket on her head. “What is going on why is everybody in such a hurry?” she asked

“Haven’t you heard that the first lady has adopted Omotayo as her daughter? She wants to tell the whole world that she now has a daughter, tomorrow is the adoption ceremony. This basket on my head is full of newly weaved aso oke wrappers they belong to lady Motayo.” The maid said and went on her way.

“My lady, did you hear that?” Dayo asked

“I am not deaf of course I heard it, I am going to there right now.” Folasade said and then she turned back and headed towards the west wing.

Omotayo sat opposite Abike they were alone in the hut. “I know how you feel about Adunni but she deserves to be happy too. You are a wonderful girl, and I know I won’t regret the decision I made to adopt you.” Abike said

“I promise to be a good daughter my lady” Omotayo said

“I am no longer your lady I am now your mother.” Abike corrected, just then Folasade barged in followed by Lola who had tried unsuccessfully to stop her from entering.

“Lola you may leave now” Abike ordered, Lola bowed and left.

“What do you want?” Abike asked

“My lady I…”

“I know what you want and I have made my decision so you better help in the preparation otherwise go quietly to your quarters and remain silent.”


“You may leave now” Abike ordered preventing her from saying anything Folasade eyed Omotayo and then she left angrily unable to voice her anger.

After the ceremony Omotayo moved into the west wing she stayed in a hut opposite her mother’s hut. Omolola was in charge of training her, she had to learn how to walk, talk, eat and speak and even how to sew, those were the etiquette of a proper lady she had been told. Omotayo sat on her bamboo bed thinking of him, days and turned into weeks and weeks had turned into months since he had proposed and she had not seen him since then. She missed him so much, things were happening so fast she wished he was there so she could talk to him about it, she silently prayed to the gods that all was well with him.

“My lady, are you inside?” Lola asked as she entered Omotayo’s hut.

“Yes I am here, can you stop calling me Lady? You know my name” Omotayo said

“Yes Lady Motayo” Lola answered smiling

Omotayo sighed “you did that on purpose”

“It is time for your lessons; you still haven’t mastered how to walk properly without looking down. I will be waiting for you outside.

“I thought you were my friend.” Omotayo said pouting.

“I am your friend” Lola said smiling and then she went outside, Omotayo folded her wrapper and followed her outside. As soon as she got outside Omolola handed a calabash, Omotayo collected it reluctantly.

“I don’t why I have to do this every day” Omotayo complained as she collected the calabash.

“My lady, you talk too much, you know what to do” Lola said and Omotayo smiled “why are you smiling?” Lola asked not seeing the cause of the amusement.

“There’s someone who calls me that, he calls me a parrot says I talk too much.” She looked at Lola and then she realized she said too much.

“So there is a man?” Lola asked smiling mischievously

“Ah! I must really be a talkative, I will start now” she said suddenly feeling shy, she couldn’t even look at Lola’s. She carefully put the calabash on her head and began to walk slowly with her head straight.

As she practiced Abike came out of her hut, as soon as Lola saw her she walked up to her and bowed “My lady” she said greeting her.

“Abike nodded her head slightly in response then she looked at Omotayo who was walking flawlessly and effortlessly with the calabash on her head. “How is she doing?” she asked

“My lady, as you can see she has learnt well” Lola replied

“Do you think she is ready?” Abike asked

“Yes she is, but her sewing skills are still…”

“She will master that with time besides where she is going, she would not need to sew except she wishes to do it for fun” Abike said.

“That is true my lady”

“Prepare her, we leave tonight” Abike ordered

“Yes my lady”

Omotayo saw her mother she removed the calabash on her head and walked up to her to greet her she knelt down to greet her mother and when she stood up she saw both of them smiling and wondered why.

Omotayo lay on her bed she was exhausted from the practicing. “I am so tired, I need to sleep” she said

“Well I am sorry you cannot we have to get you prepared” Lola said

“Prepare for what?” Omotayo asked tiredly

“You are leaving for the palace tonight you will be married to the king by midday tomorrow.” Lola said without looking at her she was busy arranging Omotayo’s wrappers into a basket.

Omotayo stood up from her bed “what do you mean by getting married to the king?” she asked wishing she had not heard correctly.

“There must be some mistake I am going to see my mother” she said and attempted to go out but Omotayo dragged her back.

“I am sorry you can’t go out, you have to change your wrapper, I  have to adorn you in beads, your hair is a mess” Lola said at once not giving her a chance to talk or think before she knew it more maids had entered all helping her get dressed.

“I cannot marry the king I am waiting for someone!” but no one heard her thoughts.

Before she knew it she was in a carriage with her mother accompanied by her mother. Abike left Lola in charge of the till she gets back.

“What will I do now? They are taking me away; you should have come for me. Where are you? Where are you?” her thoughts screamed but nobody could hear them but her.


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