Hello, December

Hello, December

It is time to remember

A time to ruminate

Even as we jubilate.

Remember when we started?

On that first day when we shouted

Happy New Year?

And then proceeded to share

Food and drink, and then sat down to write

And make resolutions, wrongs we wanted to right

Goals to achieve, heights to attain

And previous strengths to sustain.

As the year waxes old and gets set to expire

With only a few days left, an old man struggling to respire

It’s time to think and evaluate

How much time to our goals did we dedicate?

Will we get to the finish line, are we still in the race?

Did we run in vain, another year to just occupy space?

Did we make an impact, did we pursue purpose?

Did we harness our strengths or did we seek repose?

Can we say we achieved all we set out to achieve?

Or are we hoping for a reprieve?

It is December, the time of mixed feelings and emotions

Satisfaction and fulfillment, guilt and desperation

It is a time filled with laughter and celebration

And a time for deep and sober reflections

It is the end of a long journey filled with memories, good and bad

Some we want to relive all over and some we wish we never had

It is December, it is a season filled with hope

A New Year approaches, and with it a rope

Thrown out for those drowning in the depths

To latch unto and look forward beyond the present dearth

To a new year of abundance and bounty harvest.

2 thoughts on “Hello, December” by topazo (@topazo)

  1. Omila (@oriaifo-donald)

    For a long time, I was one of those people who insisted that Time has no divisions and the months and years being man-made, were not special.
    But how can one not subscribe to that much joy and hope? that feeling of a new day multiplied by 300?
    If life was an adventure game, a new year is a new stage.

    Happy New Year in advance @topazo

  2. Indeed December is always a season filled wt so much hope n expectations that the coming year will be better and only good things will com our way but then reality sets in again n we find ourselves wishing n hoping all over again

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