He hears

In this turbulence so frigorific, my heart vomits words of worry,
As the walls disparage from the air;
My lips pray you with leresis in fraught hurry.
And I look unto the heavens where I seek help.
For in salacity, my soul is as dark as death.
But I indeed in repentance, need his fortress around me,
For without him, I’m alone in this hotheaded earth.
To thy sober soul oh Lord take heed.
In the middle of the storm; my solemn kiss of death I lie,
With sounds of alarum daggering my heart.
I bleed pain,sorrow in perfervid and black bile.
These storms have torn my soul like a kirtle apart.
But I raise my head ardently unto the heavens for shelter,
In hope I seek thy answer,
To I who runneth helter skelter,
In your arms shall I call you father!
Suddenly, a seismic calm erupts,
The clouds open and the storm is swallowed by the earth,
The mountains hovering around me have broken into rocks.
Albeit I climb unto them ;and to this I am all but deaf,
To this cold silence I feel within,
And of this silent sound I hear,
For the dark virulent clouds have been hidden.
And a lucid sky again is here!
Wherefore, let my eyes be dried of these tears.
And pray my lips Him in solemn steadfastness.
Behold this hour shall I hold still,
For I know in his immense kindness,
He hears,
He hears me…

5 thoughts on “He hears” by lauraotemu (@LauraOtemu)

  1. @LAURAOTEMU excellent poem (or do I call it a prayer ). Nice one.

  2. @LAURAOTEMU (afterthought) I really hope He can hear because I’m not sure anymore if He does.

    1. Thanks….But He hears…He still does. All we need to do is to seek him first…

      1. Guess so. I’ve had periods where I prayed and I was sure God just didn’t want to hear me. I felt I was forcing my puny self upon his vastly divine schedule. I remember feeling my words go up like the smoke from a sacrifice, hang around the ceiling, and descend back upon my head like rain. It was very frustrating.

        I think the most important thing is not to focus on your fears, or your feelings, but on your faith….If we ask anything in His name, he hears us.

        Nice one, Madam

        1. Thanks for the comments….You’re right…We must ask with faith.

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