Half Of A Yellow Sun


I woke this early morn
To find only the half of a yellow sun
Wondered where the other half had gone
So I had to do some sum

The government took up a good sum
20% chopped off by corruption
15% by bad education
some minutes went with the colonial lords
Who trampled on our Lawns
The unjust justice that make draconian laws
The cold hearts that wants to take the other half
When the summer falls

This math might be wrong
It absurd that this is the situation we find ourselves
Unlike the topic surd
This ain’t all squared
If we were a man, we’d have dreads

The other half evaporated little by little
Those that ‘upheld’ our honour let us down
They constantly fiddled

Journalist that write articles that only display their art-is-cool
Biased political opinions
When the holiest steals millions
When the sword of hate is wrapped in the sheath of religion
And fellas on alters utter
Words that kills like cancer
Truth is ulcer

And I woke to the half of yellow sun
And this is what I see
Even the present half is brittle
unstable like PHCN
People Holding Corrupt Nigeria
The political system
Is a public latrin

I woke to the half of a yellow sun
And even this half would be gone
If these thugs contest in 2015 election.

2 thoughts on “Half Of A Yellow Sun” by oxymorontalks (@oxymoron93)

  1. Not too good with poetry, this kinda got me confused or maybe it wasn’t presented well?

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