Dark Fantasies 10

Their gaze was fixed on the program showing on DSTV, not that they were concentrating instead they were waiting for the signal of clanking of cutleries from Mama Osi for food.

‘I just cant believe that Faisal will do drugs.’ Chioma muttered.

‘Like I always say all that glitters is not gold, some are made of steel.’ Emily added.

‘But he’s such a nice person.’

‘Where is he anyway?

‘With his girlfriend, she lost consciousness.’

‘Must be the dark revelation.’


‘Hey so you and Dr Mark, looks like things are getting serious.’

‘Hmmm yes, he’s too principled anyway, always against breaking the rules.’

‘That’s Mark for you, am glad for both of you.’

‘Thanks to you, we met again only because of you.’

‘Emily don’t screw this one up.’ Chioma said though she could clearly seen her friend was in love perhaps for the first time.

‘Yeah, he told me about Anita and how she suspected both of you, it was funny………except for the car bashing part.’

‘Yes I heard she’s gone back Kumasi.’

‘Where is that.’


The aroma of Mama Osi’s yam porridge infiltrated the air, they heard the clinking sound of cutleries and made for the table.

‘Hmmm today na today o, this scent wan kill us.’ They both muttered and headed towards the dining table.

Mama Osi laughed heartily, she loved it when they praised her cooking and Osi had taught her how to respond the last time he was home. ‘Only the best for you girls.’ She said beaming proud of the good English she spoke.

‘Thanks.’ They said and hugged her.

‘Mama Osi, I want to learn how to cook.’ Emily said, surprising everyone.

‘Why?’ Chioma asked.

‘Do I need a reason, I’m a woman after all.’ She replied defensively.

‘I’m impressed, wow Dr Mark really has a tab on you.’

‘Ok, for week end we go start, e good if you cook for the dotor, e go make lofe very strong, man lofe na belle.’ Mama Osi said smiling while patting her stomach lightly, she arranged a tray and headed for Goke’s room.

‘Emily what you did to Goke was not fair.’

‘Plsss mama of all spare me, what did I do other than rub nettle plant on his boxers. Then he scratched and scratched and scratched.’ She said stifling a laugh.

‘That was mean, how did you even find the plant.’

‘I know right, I found it on goggle, then used latex gloves to pick it by Jabi lake.’

‘You should apologize.’

‘Why, he insulted me.’

‘No it was you who dumped him years ago, it was you who broke his heart and it was you who called him everything obscene the day he arrived.’

‘Woaaa are you his guardian or are you in love with him.’

‘No, but you’re not either, you’re with Mark now, you know he’s a very upright person, he’ll be working with Goke so you should make amends.’

‘You’re right, why did you have to get him a job where my boyfriend works.’

‘He got the job before I knew you and Mark were dating.’

‘Right I will apologize to him.’

‘I see you moved some of your things and you want to learn how to cook are you moving in with Mark?

‘Not fully, just want to spend ample time with him, you know Mark does the cooking, cleaning, laundry, I want to be useful too.’

‘That’s really fantastic and shocking to hear, because the Emily I know loves things being done for her.’

‘I don’t know why but I want to impress Mark.’

‘Girl you’re eerily beautiful.’

‘That’s not enough.’

‘Hmmmmm I think you’re in love.’

‘No, no.’

‘You are and you should tell Mark about your past, so he doesn’t find out elsewhere, he might be loving but I know him to be a man of principles.’

‘Yeaaa about that, no one knows apart from you and me.’

‘Like seriously, the church was full only the alter was empty.’

A shadow came across Emily’s face and her breathing became labored.

‘Please Chioma don’t bring it up please.’

‘Ok am sorry.’


‘Later she apologised to Goke, she didn’t know if he forgave her or not but what he said haunted her.

‘I know you’re apologising because I’ll soon start working with your new boyfriend, if he means this much to you to make you apologize to me then don’t treat him how you treat the men that love you.’ Goke had told her.

‘How do I treat them? She’d asked.

‘Like dispensable objects, let that be your past, I advice you to change.’ He had said and since then she had been introspecting what he said, she was sure of one thing though, she loved Mark a lot and that was why she ran away from him in the beginning because she was afraid he would want commitment and she was not allowed to commit to another.


13 thoughts on “Dark Fantasies 10” by Amina Idris (@ameenaedrees)

  1. Hmmmm I am starting to like Emily. I can so relate to her objection to love. Hmmm. Amina good easy flowing episode. need some editing sha.. just small… waiting on the next!

    1. Owww Emily is winning your heart.
      Thanks for reading @ufuomaotebele.

  2. Not allowed to commit to another? Na mami water she be?

    1. I no know for am o, @menoveg.
      Maybe wan spirit marry am.
      Thanks for reading.

  3. This is becoming more interesting, am beginning to like ds Emily girl. Hope what she feels for Mark is de real thing

    1. Hmmmm she has won your heart too.
      Thanks for reading @kosnie.
      :-) :-) :-)

  4. @ameenaedrees Hehehe im back. If i were Goke I would hunt Emily down. I would do something to her that she will never forget. Break her till she questions her sanity. Slip undiluted liquid heroine in her coffee. Put panadol inside her beer. Rub the nettle plant on her sanitary pad. Then take her to the psychiatric ward :) I would not forgive.

    1. Welcome back, seriously I missed you o,
      Where have been, lol let me not harras you with questions like your girlfriend, ;-) .
      Back to business, LWKMD, I have been laughing since, my sis is asking if everything is OK, she be like, “should I call daddy? All because of your comment.
      Ahhh @kevweodogun, you bad o, even pass ladidi and Emily.
      Even on her sanitary pad, kaai guy I hail you, I love bad boys that don’t forgive.

    2. Ooo, I’m following @ameenaedrees. But @kevweodogun, that’s just evil tho…why am I not surprised?

      1. @ameenaedrees. @six lol it is only fair that she gets paid back in her own coin, that is the law of karma

      2. It’s nice that you’re following @six, @kevweodogun has his style in undiluted heroin and panadol in beer and all, its one of the ten commandments, an eye for eye, maybe that’s why @sarahmorgan had to call out to him, lol.
        Thank you all for reading.
        @kevweodogun here’s d link for part 15 http://t.co/k9P0qE2IE3

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