aka I am over it!

aka I am over it!


I am wiser today because I choose my foolishness over yours.

I am stronger today because I choose my weakness over yours.

I am braver today because I choose my fear over yours.

I am better today because I choose my worst over yours.


You are entitled to have a gospel,

I am entitled to have my gospel.

I must have done some good in my previous life,

That your cost in m present life is variable and not fixed.


Inhaling the free air God has blessed us with,

And remembering He created man in His own image,

Why then is it often said ‘If man were God, all will be dead but him’.

I guess it is because there is a fine line between being God and having a god-factor.


One inspires and the other expires inspiration.

One is merciful and the other is the judge, jury and executioner.

One is powerful and the other needs a constant reminder by being a predator.

One is the all wise one and the other has a degree in reverse psychology.


Life in itself is but a fleeting moment,

So I will still choose my action over your reaction,

I will stand up to tie my shoe lace, so I can see your shadow pass away,

I will still choose my foolishness over yours,

Because it is comical seeing you, trying to play God.




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  1. Kosnie (@Kosnie)

    Beautifully done

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