Sisi by Tolu Daniel



‘Sisi, touch me, touch me in that sweet and sexy way, the way you touch those boyfriends of yours’ Chief Kunle said in that husky tone of his, as though he was whispering to some unholy genie that would appear as he rubbed the tip of his penis back and forth. He was already far gone, intoxicated by his drive for sex and not planning to get sober any time soon. He wondered for a brief moment how any woman could resist him especially since his instrument of digging was already out and throbbing for a ground to sink. He thought about the way Sisi smiled and laughed at his crude jokes, he had been certain that she wanted him and hence any resistance she gave would probably be likened to a chicken dance.


The way she’d wiggled her tiny waist, whenever she walked out of his office always made him crazy. He had been watching her for a longtime, sometimes through the security camera that was attached to his office. He had imagined a lot of things that he could do with her, how she would stay on top and ride him like a cowboy on a bull and ride him into oblivion, he didn’t give a shit about the consequences. Who thinks about consequences when the girl is as set and as sexy as Sisi.


The first time he had tried to pin her down and ensured that he got a piece of her. He had ensured that he grabbed her breasts, the two generously swollen mounds on her chest that made her look like a black Kim Kardashian; he had not imagined that she would not be all over him and begging him for more. But she had resisted, mustering all the energy she could but he had still blown his load on her before she could escape, the white mucus like thingy falling haplessly on the sofa and landing on her dress. She had had to clean herself up before she left his office and he had continued doing the same thing, believing that someday, she would stop resisting and give in and probably give him some head too.


His colleagues from other departments had seen her too and the mere sight of her ass had sent them drooling but he had warned them off her and told them in no small words that she was his and they had stayed away. Some of them had advised him to ensure he smashed her as much as he could reminding him of the legend of Edo girls and their monstrous sexual appetite and he had sworn to get his piece from her. None of them knew that she was resisting of course. After all he was taking care of her, buying her gifts, making promises of retaining her services immediately her service year was completed, isn’t that the dream of every Corp member? To get a job after their service year, she had never rejected anything from him not even the meager five thousand naira he always threw at her after their numerous episodes hence he believed that her resistance would wear thin sooner than later and that delicious looking ass of hers would be his to excavate. He knew about the legend of Edo girls, how crazy their sexual appetite was and he was certain that Sisi’s was probably as crazy as the legend’s if not crazier. The last Edo girl that had completed her service year in his office had been a Yoruba girl of Edo descent and had done crazy things with him.


He had never been able to satisfy the girl sexually except maybe sometimes when he had his Viagra around or when he had taken some of the concoction that the Baba whom his driver had brought to his office when he hinted him of his situation as regards his inability to last longer than three seconds. The mixture had done wonders the last time he spent his vacation with his wife in the United Kingdom. Since he had taken up this political appointment, he had decided that it was a sensible thing to keep his wife and kids abroad, so that he could keep them safe from the prying spectacles of the press and also the unfortunate eyes of the detractors of his political party and rival groups that may have mischief on their minds.


The first week he had flown his family out the country, he had spent most of his nights in hotels and brothels; Oloshos or roadside prostitutes as they were called were his specialties. These girls would ensure that they milked him well before they left him; some of them even stole from him. And the result had affected his accounts way too much, hence he had decided to stop using this method and adopt a simpler and cheaper way of satiating himself sexually but he never enjoyed sleeping with any of the women that he had to settle for, married women and unattractive spinsters that worked with him at the office and moreover there was too much drama about it all; once he was sleeping with a particular woman who was so possessive of him as though he was married to her; hence his resolve to make a decision that he could not sustain which was to stop sleeping around based on a misguided philosophy that cheating was way too expensive and dramatic and as such, he would rather return to work normally and get laid whenever his wife was in the country or whenever he visited.


All these resolutions were till an old friend of his, introduced him to his niece and informed him that she wanted to complete her service year in his office, and reminded him of a business deal that he had been chasing with him and with a wink of an eye, the deal had been agreed and the niece would be payment. Chief Kunle could not be certain if the girl had been briefed about her role in the deal but he had agreed immediately and requested that the girl, Jessica be posted directly to his office.


He had not needed to say much to get Jessica’s attention, it seemed as though the girl was compensation for all the money that he had spent while whoring the city because not only was she ridiculously pretty, she was ready for whatever he offered. He had then found out that sleeping with the Corpers posted to his office was more cost effective ever since. Since her first day on the job, Kunle had been certain that he was going to have her. And have her he did, for one full year, taking her along with him on all his official assignments at home and abroad only careful enough to avoid taking her to the United Kingdom till a replacement came and that had been how the cycle had been for all those years with the other female Corp members.

‘Sisi, come on’ Chief Kunle said, walking close to her as nicely as his baulk could muster. ‘Don’t deny an old man of your sweetness’.


Sisi looked at him, her eyes filled with disgust but Chief Kunle could not see it, in fact he kept walking towards her with a solemn grin playing around his face, his hands still holding on to the flaccid attachment to his body. It was clear, Sisi was confused, she wasn’t sure she knew what she was doing, either by refusing him or by allowing him, it was all registered on her face, perhaps this was what the Chief saw . Revenge was heavy on her mind, she wanted to do something that would hurt her ex-boyfriend but she wasn’t sure this was it, it was almost certain that the one that would hurt most from this would certainly be her. It had been quite a rough week, the idiot had broken off her relationship of over five years only two nights ago, a relationship she had given so much of herself into, and the worst part was the fact that he had not given her a tangible reason but she was sure that it had something to do with that Skunk of a girl that he met the month before, the one that he kept telling her about.


She was in such a bad shape, normally it would have been easy to escape Chief Kunle, she had done it so many times, even though in recent times it had not been a clean escape, but it had been an escape nonetheless; she was in such confusion that her mind could not play out an escape route for her. There was nobody she could talk to; it was as though the other members of staff in the department were in on the conspiracy somehow, because there was always a strange smirk on their faces whenever she emerged from the office of Chief Kunle.

The coolness that the air conditioner in the office brought seemed to have vanished, as Chief Kunle closed in on Sisi, trapping her with his round belly to an angle in his office that have served him so well whenever he strafed any of the other girls, there was nowhere to run to now, she couldn’t possibly back away any further, the wall was a willing ally for the chief now; the chief was sweating profusely like a buffet pig and it seemed like he might die if he didn’t get what he wanted, his eyes were bloodshot and his face was void of an expression. Chief Kunle wasn’t exactly optimistic about what could happen or what will happen with Sisi, because he was not thinking with his head any longer, he had lost control of it; he was like a zombie trying to capture a person in order to eat their brains.


‘No sir, I can’t do this…..Sisi managed to say, as the bigger man drew her closer for an involuntary kiss but before she could finish talking, Chief Kunle’s larger lips had already crushed hers and they were locked in a seeming perverted kiss that seemed as though the Chief was going to eat her up if she didn’t disentangle her mouth from his. Sisi was not totally surprised at the audacity of the chief, he had done it before severally, she however seemed like she might pass out because his cologne was domineering and could knockout a fully grown whale, she wanted to tell him to let go, but she didn’t have the strength to do so, he was so damn big and the scent of the perfume was just so overpowering, all she could muster was a soft moan that escaped from her throat that made it look as if she was enjoying it and incidentally one of her breasts though still in the cups of her bra was being violated by this pig of a man.


The moan was all the encouragement that Chief Kunle needed as his mouth left hers and made its way to her chest where he fought her for the right to taste the sweetness of her breasts. His beefy fingers had violated her enough because she could feel his hands already in between her legs and she really was not gonna have him go to second base without her permission. This wasn’t the first time that he would be fighting her for the rights to touch her down there, Sisi slapped his hands away and from some strange reasons, the Chief snapped out of his trance momentarily and allowed his eyes to settle on Sisi’s half exposed cleavage.


Sisi seized the moment and made to escape the trap that she was in. Her head was clearer now; maybe it was because of the little triumph of winning the battle against the chief. She adjusted her shirt and made to clean her face while trying to ensure that she kept him within at least three feet from her. But as she was making for the door, Chief Kunle grabbed her ass from behind, it was so unexpected that Sisi tried pull away from him jerking her hands free of his hold with such force that they both fell down flat on their backs, the chief on the marble tile and Sisi fell on the chief.


The fall was awkward for two reasons, the chief’s shrieked like a girl who just saw a ghost and Sisi for a brief moment thought maybe her tight trouser had let her down and that the chief’s hard penis had gotten a safe passage into her because he had been so stiff just some minutes ago when he had hugged her but then again, it didn’t seem right, because she only felt his stiffness for a couple of seconds after she fell. As she made to stand up, she realized that the chief was not moving and when he in fact opened his eyes some tears were already forming as though he would burst in an avalanche of tears, Sisi saw why he had screamed and she stood up as fast as she could, he looked sorry and helpless. She had accidentally broken his penis, it was still rounded and had lost its outright stiffness, the white tip now had a shade of purple and it was a sight for sour eyes.


Sisi heaved a deep sigh, stood up and left the office without casting a glance backwards.


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  1. ayobare (@ayobare)

    loooooool…..serves Chief right!!!! *evil grin

    1. Thank you, Ayobare, looks like you are a feminist

  2. Aderonke Daramola (@Shovey)

    Awwwww! poor chief! sisi y now? you shuld at least help him to get up before leaving. *big grin*

    1. haa! Aderonke, you’ve got such a big heart, *hugs*

  3. Rekiya Adeshina (@Raykeeyah)

    Good punishment, now he’ll learn to keep his ‘instrument of digging’ in one place. Foolish old man.

    1. Thanks Rekiya for the comment, of course the instrument is now broken, i think its digging days are over

  4. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    Correction it’s a sight for sore eyes. Lol! She broke it ehn? Next time he will keep it to himself cheap old goat lol

    1. The correction has been made on the original manuscript, thanks Ivie

  5. No evil in the world seems to go unpunished…. this is good….

    1. Thanks Innialifa

  6. pjlucky (@pjlucky)

    i would like too know if this is the first episode and also how can i get more

    1. Thanks for reading Pj, thats where the story ends,

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