Devils, we never thought they existed until we witnessed them firsthand-Superfast, super strong and ever shady in their acts. The most feared creatures that walked upon the face of the earth and everyone knew for sure why it was so-for they wore the “pendant of grace” with which they called every shot with authority. Their fists was one not to behold for no one hardly lived to tell what it felt like and their ‘’cloak of darkness’’ which forever remained darker than the void that covered the earth before creation spoke volumes on how much souls had been devoured by these creatures even as ragged as it looked. Their faces were always calm with their lips seeming to fake a smile, the small dark eyes which every one of these creatures possessed quaked the very soul of mere mortals and the manner in which they spoke was in the way birds eat.

Born for service, quite a number trod in the path of righteousness for the cause of good. For even when they walked through the gateway of hell, the Priests feared no evil for they believed in Angels and miracles which gave them hope of a better afterlife. It took a lifetime of intense drilling before one could finally be honored with that grey “robe of service” which portrayed the beginning of a Priest’s sojourn. What you would believe to be a rosary was actually a Urumi(whip sword) and amongst other camouflages, they often carried back packs which contained jars in which “defeated ones” were damned. The Priests were seen as almost immortals for their colossus brave heart, divine speed and jaw-dropping accuracy.

Blood thirsty canines, strong claws which often gave a killer grip, extreme strength and endurance, furs, that was enough to make you stay clear off their way-if at all you could tell who was a beast for you hardly saw their inhuman side. These creatures were dominantly normal humans which lived a normal human life-school, work, marriage, death, blah, blah, blah-but recessively wild tamed beasts, traits being passed down through generations. Born natural hunters with their amazing ability to pick up scents and follow a trail closely. Ever loyal and trustworthy keeping to their very words-as long as no one tried to play smart on them.

They say with Power comes Evil but then power enforces Good. What use are Priests if Sins are not bound and Claws remain useless if treaties are never broken.

13 thoughts on “Rebel” by Ugochukwu (@Ugochuckwu)

  1. Well damn.. The last time i read supernatural stfuf like fantasy shit was more than year ago.. I promised myself not to read science fictional stuff that isn’t written by Lynsay sands and one other lady i cant remmebr her name now becuse they set the bars for what i want in horror books but then Ugo came along. In the first few sentences of this part, i scrolled back up to see who the author truly was i was shocked. You have been doing your homework oo.You sounded like a pro like my mrs sands. Who said i don’t read stuff lie this, they just have to be really good and honey i think you got this. I will be waiting for the rest parts. add some vampire stuff to this and you will have me hooked!

  2. lol…….i cant promise you the best ma’am!!
    i’m still learning and talking bout fantasy and sci-fic, check out @raymond ‘s work… his booy in the art, also Naija 2060 is damnn AWESOME but to me ooooh @Raymind is sorta the best in this genre.
    Thanks for reading tho’ giirl………. hope i get more people here$!

    1. Yeah…thanks!!

  3. I am afraid,………Every description pose a treat and the full stop reechoes the attention. Nice piece.

    1. Hehe…..Thanks Sirr, i also got lashed for how good i didnt write this

  4. Are those modern words i can use to insult someone….lol….NICE

    1., thoe are MY words.
      Im Glad yhu could join in

  5. oh boy!….im hoping this isnt horror…because i really do not horror…..

    nicely written though

  6. Another thrilling supernatural piece here,
    Well done and keep writing.

  7. Just came across this and i can already see where the story is headed…. please come and continue.

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