The Posting #sokotojiinasile

I didn’t wait for my phone to ring twice before I picked it. Jummy, how far? (I said hysterically knowing she has information as regards our NYSC posting, as we were all basking in the euphoria of going for service). Guess what? You’ve been posted to Sokoto, Mosun Abia, I, Ogun state but I didn’t check for Dupe’s own, she said. There was no how I would believe Jumoke because she’s one of those girls in our class with mischief.

Fear clothed me instantly. I was destabilized. I had always wished to serve in any of the eastern states or south-south (particularly cross-river state.) Me? No way! Sokoto bawo? It’s not possible! Jumoke please be serious for once, I snapped. I mean it. She retorted. Don’t even worry, Mosun and I are already on our way to school, we’ll check it ourselves.

And that was how our phone conversation ended. I didn’t even allow Mosun to ask before I began to tell her jumoke’s news. Mosun wasn’t composed too and so were all other fresh graduates that were in the shuttle with us enroute osogbo, our school’s main campus.

We were all lamenting and doubting whereas the bus driver was enjoying the music that blared from the stereo. The other fellows in the bus too were making frantic phone calls to some of their friends that had earlier gone to the campus ahead of us. It was a scene that portrayed a saying which connotes ‘all man for himself, God for us all.’

Eventually, we arrived at the main campus amidst tremor and anxiety. Multitudes of students were at the notice board, some were pushing others so as to pave way to the board, some were aside discussing, whereas; while some were jubilating, some looked sober and dull because of the unfavorable posting. I was tensed as I began to walk alongside Mosun to the board; *eni ori yo, o di Sokoto* (he who scales through goes to Sokoto) chorused Drogba and Lembo. It was then it dawn on me that Sokoto is where I’ll spend the next one year. My friends started teasing and making jest of me as I was known to be mocking people with such statement while in our final year. I was always prophesying northern states for my course mates as we were rounding up our                      Bachelor of Arts degree from Osun State University. I summoned up courage and moved to the board to clear my doubt. Behold I saw –state of deployment SO. I don’t need any soothsayer to tell me that the only state in Nigeria that begins with an S is Sokoto state. My hope of going to serve in the south-south was dashed. I picked up my phone and dialed my uncle’s number. I told him the situation and he said “it is well, collect your call-up letter and begin your journey back to Lagos so as to start an early preparation towards your Sokoto trip, Pele” Uncle Tunde, you mean I’ll go to Sokoto? I asked. Yes you will. Even if you will only stay for the 3weeks orientation programme then we’ll work on your relocation back to Lagos. He retorted.

I was a bit relieved so I made another phone call to my elder brother. He on the other side wasn’t a party to my going to Sokoto. He had wanted me to serve in Lagos. But immediately I told him its Sokoto state, he had nothing to say other than; “good for you- after all you had always wanted to go far away from home. You claim to love adventure. So, good luck to you. If not, you would have given me your call-up number when I demanded for it. So as to facilitate your youth service to Lagos, and what happened to the woman you claim was helping you with it? Oh! You can’t talk.” I was speechless though I wasn’t expecting less than his comments. I broke the silence as I told him I would be in Lagos the next day.

Jumoke was patiently waiting for me in order to affirm her earlier-made assertion about my posting. We joked about it as we begin to move around, asking our friends and mates about their postings and the likes. I searched endlessly for those posted to Sokoto but alas! I found none. We were actually six in number. According to what I saw on the list; each potential corps member from each campus as the school comprises six campuses. Invariably, I was the only one posted to serve in Sokoto from the faculty of Humanities and Culture, not so lucky. Dupe was lucky to be posted to Zamfara state together with the likes of Lembo, Ada. Mosun too had people going to Abia state. Tayo had Nicholas in his Nasarawa-state-posting. Drogba got Seibofa to move with to Ekiti state. By that, several people begin to acclimatize with others posted together with them. Instantly, the thought of travelling alone to Sokoto with neither friend nor course mate engulfed me. I was once again downcast.

Later on, we converged at the auditorium to collect our call-up letter and everyone dispersed. I searched for few friends heading back to Lagos that day as I had prepared to leave osogbo for Lagos that day. Luckily for me, I saw Lembo, Paul and others. We exchanged pleasantries and learnt that we were all returning to Lagos which makes it a fun-filled journey. We gist and laughed over our different postings to the northern part of the country even with the cases of insurgencies, killings and bombings prevalent in the northern zones of the country; all the way through to Lagos as we all departed at Ojota park.

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  1. This brought back memories of finding out av been posted to Katsina couldn’t believe it went back to the notice board severally to check n recheck wishing it was another name not mine until I collected my call up letter and then the tears i’d been holding back started flowing but surprisingly I enjoyed my stay there esp during the 3 weeks orientation

    1. Hehehehehe that shock like are you sure its kastina? Check again pls

      1. Exactly @ufuomaotebele esp making fun about others being posted to the volatile north while you see yourself in a cosy environment like ABUJA, couldn’t really hold back the tears but surprisingly Katsina turned out to be fun n I still Thank God for the experiences I gained there

        1. @Kosnie I wont even go to ABUJA lol… i will rather love to just sit my butt in Lagos that’s the furthest I can do.

  2. Lol…….reminds me of my cousin who left on Tuesday!!. The dude actually had to start fasting and yeah, it was all nice and kind played out the way you described it.
    He teased his friend going to The North that they were going to distribute Guns at Camp for self defense!! Lol
    Great tho”

    1. which Ugochukwu is this?

      1. Oooh i see the difference

  3. This is why am scared to go for nysc. Where do I possibly know that they would post me to? I could get the worse of it all.

    Interesting read.. increased my fear of serving

  4. This story is taking me back when I was posted to serve in Cross River State coming from the University of Maiduguri. I was so sad. What an irony!

  5. I felt worse when I was posted to Zamfara. I later loved it though

  6. it was a nice experience, fun-filled and interesting. I didn’t want to leave again when I got a letter or relocation. that was when I cried. sokoto turned-out to be a nice state except for the extreme harshness of the weather. @ufuoma pls don’t be scared to serve o!

  7. @kosnie I bet you couldn’t believe your eyes, you be like kastina, @shovey your tongue disappeared, you bin shock.
    I feel for you @lemboye zamfara !!, @ufuomaotebele don’t be scared as foreign trained you’ll receive special treatment OK. @lone you dey lucky now… @innoalifa where did you serve?
    Mine I wasn’t surprised I knew it was going to be Abuja, I wish I had let things be in order to get a surprise.

    1. Lucky you then to have served in Abuja @ameenaedrees I always thought I will serve there cos of some connection ish like my mum relating with the state Co ordinator but it didn’t quite work out n Today am the better for it cos it made me more independent n off my mum’s apron string as the first daughter(av never gone far away from home except during my secondary school days as a boarder or during holidays were we had to travelled out but always as a family) so it was that hard for my family but at the end I knew I wouldn’t av wanted anything less than that

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